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  1. Kathy says:

    New comment thread here.

  2. DarleneLA says:

    I am PTSD’s Cousin, Darlene from Louisiana.
    PTSD’s husband has asked her not to respond to Ms. Jones’ lies because of PTSD’s Post Traumatic Stress that was triggered by these lies.
    But, I can’t sit back and say nothing. I have read the lies Ms. Jones has written about my cousin and I am absolutely appaulled.
    I know, for most people it is hard to understand her circumstance, but, I have lived seeing PTSD and her husband suffer for years.
    She has talked to me about Ms. Jones several times, and even though she has not cared for some of the things Ms. Jones has done recently, she has had compassion for this woman and still does.
    Our family has had some concern that Ms. Jones seems to take too much pleasure in bringing this minister down and now we see her taking the same pleasure in attacking our family member. We also, want this minister brought to justice, but we do not take pleasure in what is happening.
    My cousin is the most honest and selfless person I have ever known, and it hurts me to see her being attacked in this way. She loves her child deeply and wants her child safe. All of us would feel the same way- wheather the child was a son or daughter or an adult or a baby.
    I don’t know if I could go on like she does, if I were in the same situation. I guess she has survived because of her faith, love and selflessness.
    For years she has told me some unusual things that I thought couldn’t be true, but one by one, everything she told me has been made public and has been exactly as she explained.
    - Ms. Jones, you did call my cousin a liar and you know why she said a son and a daughter. What’s even more upsetting to me is that your lies are done in God’s name. You should be ashamed of yourself. She would have never turned her back on you.

    The lies are bad enough, but what Ms. Jones has done to PTSD’s family is absolutely unforgiveable.

    My gut reaction was to be much uglier to Ms. Jones but, I know that’s not what PTSD would want.

  3. shocked! says:

    donna jones: think you have taken this entire mess WAY beyond where you should have in relation to the ones who have cared their souls on here…you had better step back and take a look at your TRUE motives towards these people…

    are you TRULY honored by their openess and willingness to share – OR – were you just using them to aid and abed you in your quest?

    not judging your initial move on RO – just beginning to question your motives now……

    your motives and lies and seemingly MULTIPLE posts as different have been questioned, and are STILL in question,,, tread very softly, you may lose your integrity in this quest – and if you do – you will find yourself alone – in the middle of this mess………..

  4. shocked! says:

    donna: oops — ones who have bared their souls on here…

  5. Donna Jones says:

    Hey Yall,

    Once again I will begin my email with saying I’m sorry to PTSD Mom and her family if for any reason they felt I was calling her a liar. That was never my intention I was just going off phone calls from her and emails received by her. The fact she asked in many of her blogs for people to contact ME and for ME to give them information.

    In no way did I mean to hurt her or her family. I have read my blog and do not find one place I lied. All I did was ask her to please stop asking for information. My situation and Karen’s situation is very different from hers. Just as Casper said once Rick Ousley is fully exposed then there might be many more crimes/wrong doings that are exposed.

    I can fight my fight with the help of God, family and friends because I have the truth and proof to back up every word I say. Through pictures, tapes, emails etc. I have to say that I know why I did this I was tired of being used and lied to by Rick Ousley. In speaking out to Greg Garrison and other’s the article in the B-Ham News came out and it was me telling about my long time affair with Rick Ousley. Was my affair right? It was time after much prayer with my Pastor and Family to make a wrong a right.

    After the story broke it was then that other’s begin to contact me about there affairs, rapes and wrong doings Rick had inflected on so many woman.

    I did speak with men but they were used for there money and there services. “Rick’s Free Friendship Bank” as I often referred to it. I have tried to help by posting things I have found out. I do not control other people. In Just speaking with Greg Garrison yesterday this was once again brought up, he is sticking to this story and now the fact that the three month’s is drawing to a near. The fact of incorrect taxes being filed etc…I cannot speak in detail about that because I don’t know all the facts. He is in San Antonio , Texas covering The Baptist Convention. He will be working on the follow up upon his return. What I can speak of is how Me-Donna Jones met Rick Ousley at the age of fifteen and the long time relationship I had with him. It was not a one time affair not even the last lie out of his mouth that is was a three time affair. It was yearsssssssss and years. I lived them, I was on each trip. I was there with him or he was here with me.

    Why am I doing this? First it was and is a sin and I can’t wake up in a make believe world that one day I will be Rick Ousley’s wife. The thought of ever being with him makes me physically sick. Two years ago my Mother had a heart attack and as I set with her one night and heard her cry from the pain I thought about the day she drove to my house and tried to stop by relationship with Rick and I told her to leave my house and never come back. Thank God she is 100% fine today and though she is very worried about my health and my safety, both my Parent’s are proud that I stood up and told the truth.

    People are scared, I’m scared…I will continue the fight in the name of the only God I know. I started this and I will see this through until Rick Ousley is exposed about his lies towards me and the other woman that want to stand next to me.

    Once again, to PTSD Mom and her family I never meant to make it seem I was calling you a liar I simply ask you to stay with one story and second please do not ask people to pass information to me to give to you. I cannot and will not go behind peoples back. If my thinking there is wrong then I guess I’m wrong but I feel strongly I have done nothing wrong. The whole PTSD Family are in mine and my families prayers as you always have been.

    God Bless You and Yours,
    Donna Jones

  6. Del says:

    Kathy started a new RO thread before she left – y’all might want to move over there. Sorry you were in mod, Donna – I’m checking as often as I can.

  7. Donna Jones says:


    I just posted another blog that is in moderation but after reading my own post I felt the need to make something VERY clear.

    I have told the truth on this blog with the usage of my actual name – Donna Jones. I have stayed factual that I am a sinner and I stand before God and anyone else who feels the need to judge me I say I have had a 29 year relationship with Rick Ousley. I know I have sinned and I have asked God forgiveness along with my Family and Friends.

    I know what I did was wrong and all I’m trying to do now is say the truth as I know it and I have stood by those other woman that were also lured my Rick Ousley. I traveled to another state to met one. My heart is in this to expose Rick and Joyce Ousley for who nowthousands have began to see the truth for what it is. Manipulative, lying hypocrites. I have not made one penny off of having my story being told, I haven’t and I won’t. I will continue to work with those they want to stand by me.

    I thank God every day for the new Christian friends that I have had the pleasure of talking to over the phone, email, and in person. I set out to make a wrong a right. The story spread because Rick and Joyce are like a disease and infected others. For that I will keep going.
    Donna Jones

  8. Donna Jones says:

    where is the link to the next page? Yep I’m blonde :)

  9. shocked! says:

    donna: you did it again,,, in your blog June 9th, 2007 at 12:39 pm AND June 9th, 2007 at 2:58 pm you could not stop at being truly sorry for your horrible attack on PTSD…you had to ONCE again – tell ‘your story’… WE ALL KNOW YOUR STORY and have suppored you in your quest for all things revealed, but when you attacked PTSD – you did the very thing to her that you blasted others earlier for doing to you … so where is your compassion – the compassion that you asked of those who blasted you?
    And, please quit using Karen’s name on your posts. She is an adult and is more than capable of posting herself – I know for a fact that you are gathering info for your quest and ANYONE who questions you or your motive gets ‘your story’ again…GET ON WITH THIS THING>>> and if you truly have GG, and all of the men who were ‘former’ friends of RO’s on your side, what is keeping you from confronting this and moving on — RO and JO have not left town – they can be found by you and whomever decides to ‘march’ with you, but for the love of God, do not attack anyone else !!! Your credibility is in question….

  10. Just Wondering says:

    Is this “our” Rick Ousley? (Read down in the article, he’s mentioned toward the end.)

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