Time for Another New Rick Ousley Thread

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334 Responses to “Time for Another New Rick Ousley Thread”

  1. Kimberly says:


    Take care of yourself tonight and get some rest. You are being covered in prayer tonight by myself, and my husband. I’m sure there are many others in prayer for you too as was posted earlier.


  2. carson says:

    Kimberly & Casper: One of the most shocking things for me is that obviously RO really believes this whole nightmare is over and he is ‘home free.’ Can he really be that mindless/???

  3. Kimberly says:


    I believe awhile back, it was PTSD that stated the arrogance of Rick would probably be his downfall, meaning that in his arrogance of doing so much evil unchecked for so long…he would get careless and slip.

    As far as his mind…I’m probably being redundant here, but I believe Rick is depraved. In that depravity is a vast continent of arrogance.

    Just my two-cents worth.

    Hope you’re doing okay in all of your processing. I actually prefer Hebrew over the Greek, so Isaiah 6 and 50-54 have been comforting to me as well as Ezekiel 34.

    The scriptures from Peter were so appropriate for today. It is also comforting to know that as John wrote in Revelation, Christ will have fire in His eyes. His wrath has it’s own destiny. Rick may have gotten away with hideous evil here on earth with too many to count. It is comforting to rest in the precept of knowing that Rick has gotten away with nothing according to Christ.

    If you are going to confront Rick and Joyce, you must gird yourself in the armour of God and the cloak of Christ. I am praying for you.

    God Bless,

  4. casper says:

    You’ve been an inspiration through this entire mess and I hope you are encouraged through the words of many bloggers that have posted and for many that are not posted here but are felt through many others.
    Ms Jones was wonderful yesterday in her conversations with many contacts and they will spread the truth.
    So where does that leave things??

    There are many bloggers and non bloggers that have their own issues with RO and have their own agenda (not meant in a bad way, but personally my agenda has nothing to do with Ms Jones issue) However, what we must all realize is that is bringing RO to be seen for what he really is, in a sense affect all of our agenda’s. (hope that makes sense) Ms. Jones was the first to have the courage to take this to a media and expose him. Now, she is the vehicle that many may ride on the journey of their own healing. No, it won’t make the scar go away completely in however he hurt you or your family, but first things first. Expose him, then let those that have been influenced by him realize that everything that he touched was tainted in some way.

  5. casper says:

    This is how I see things unfolding:

    1) More contacts made to the right people, pray today that they’ll recieve news as did the people that Ms. Jones talked to yesterday. These people not only recieved, but have jumped on the bandwagon and are helping with directions!!

    2) Then we have to wait two to three weeks to see if Greg Garrison will do the follow up story. Maybe, maybe not. He will have 4 different slants to justify to his editor for a new story. The tax evasion issue may be the vehicle that gets the story in the paper, and then the other woman’s story who was so courageous can be told. If the story goes to press, you’ll probably see more detail on when Ms Jones and Rick firs started seeing each other. It would be a way in which GG can paint RO as a very sick man. French kissing a 15 year old, and “feeling” her off as well as french kissing her 11 year old sister will clarify this for many.

    3) After that story breaks, the black church community will have to make a choice. Will they still accept this man to preach in their churches, under the umbrella of God’s grace to all OR will they NOT allow themselves to be used to further the deceit. I pray for the later but at this point our work may be done…..RO knows that Ms Jones can’t fly to Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia or whereever, everytime he preaches so its imperative that the next article does the trick. The internet makes the world a lot smaller place though and it will be harder for RO to go anywhere without someone knowing about his past. Greg’s first article was a soft shoe approach to the issues but he only had a few days worth or knowledge too. Hopefully he earn his salary and dig a little for more information.

  6. casper says:

    Top 10 Things That Greg Garrison needs to look into to take the story to press:

    1) Phone records….ask the church if they will supply RO’s phone records during the last 7 years he was at the church. Ms Jones will gladly provide hers, I bet the last courageous woman will provide hers. Just putting the number of calls that RO made to Ms Jones or vice versa will say alot. If the church won’t provide it, tell them that you’re going to publish that they won’t provide it…..turn up the heat

    2) Will church show RO’s credit card purchases during the same time? Again, will embarass a lot of people when the total number of dollars are shown that was spent on golf, or entertainment. No telling what else will show up there. Again, seemingly small but shows a reckless behavior that should make ALL pastors cringe.

    3) Ask Phil W. how many meetings he sat in on where aledgations were made against RO. (we heard of two more yesterday, confirmed by board members of his ministry) Then, the obvious follow up: WHY? did you always look the other way and tear the accusers apart……in their words. What made these women or men seem non-credible?

    At least 5 while at BH, 2 or 3 other before BH that were known, Ms Jones and the lady from Arizona = 9/10 woman!!!!

    4) Ask Phil W another follow up….in your due diligence before calling RO to Bham to lead your flock, did you know why he had been let go at other churches? What was RO’s explanation? Did you call the pastors at those churches to confirm or just take RO’s explanation as the gospel?

    5) (again to Phil W….wow, he sure is in the middle of a lot of information isn’t he?) How many times did the church eliminate a debt for RO? (then add that to how many times did his board eliminate a debt….the answer is three different times on credit cards and one loan from the church) This shows a different type of abuse by RO

    6) Call RO’s ex wife who lives in Vestavia (come on Greg, do we have to do your job for you?) to validate the early years of his ministry and the alledged affairs.

    7) Call his step daughter who works for Sheriff Mike Hale, and at least ask about their relationship. All you can do is ask…if you don’t get the bombshell, then move on

    8) Call RO’s banker, (Greg now has his name) and inquire about the fund raising money and what was done with it. I don’t think it will sit too well for that to be seen in print……3 months severance, retire loan to church, another credit card debt, and then wait to see what monies are requested to be returned and whatever is still in the kitty, give to RO to get him back on his feet??????? SERIOUSLY??? Come on, tell me that’s not true!

    9) Ask RO and JO why after hearing the tapes from Ms. Jones would they go ahead with the fund raiser. At least get it on record…JO heard the tapes and her first comment to Ms Jones was “you are one sick woman”. Nothing about RO, only hatred towards Ms Jones. Oh, and while you’re at it, ask him if he wants to admit to having sex with Ms Jones MANY times, kissing her at 15 years old, her sister at 11 and if he wants to counter any of the tapes that you have. Even if RO won’t talk to you, you could mention that RO has told board members that this was a one time affair, and that he was lured for a gift of money to his ministry and then quote the actual tape of RO coming up with the story to Ms Jones.

    10) Confirm with JW that he build RO’s house for cost, and MS that he landscaped and built the rock fountain for free. Subtract that from teh final selling price of the house. Add to that the total from the fund raiser that RO will still have the chance to get and all of the debts that they retired for him and COME UP WITH A NICE ROUNG, BIG FAT NUMBER.

    Now take this information and head in one of the following directions:
    RO’s non profit organization really isn’t non profit, so what taxes have been paid?
    Leaders still in the church that were in “Power” positions and made decisions relative to RO while he was there
    Second known affair with Pheonix woman and tell her documented story
    Or better yet, why not tell the whole truth for once….in RO’s case, it might be the first time that has ever happened!!

  7. Kimberly says:


    Yesterday, I somehow overlooked your question. I gave incorrect information as well that needs to be corrected.

    It is NOT Al Dept of Revenue, but IS Alabama Secretary of State website. Corporations….Agents/Officers…..

    Hope this helps. When the page opens and your read the entire page, you might possibly see all the red flags which I did, as well as my husband.

    God Bless,

  8. Philothea says:

    While we are making suggestions for Greg Garrison (for whom I am so thankful!) I would like to respond to the idea that there would be no story here if RO were an insurance agent who was unfaithful to his wife.
    There is something vastly different in that RO was/is a pastor or religious leader. Kimberly recommended the excellent book “Sex in the Forbidden Zone”. Pastors, Doctors, and Therapists are all in positions of power over their parishioners/patients/clients. It is their ethical responsibility to set and maintain boundaries on the helping relationships they offer.
    If a person goes to their insurance agent and he makes a pass at them, they should have no trouble saying no. Slap him, and walk away. The insurance client and agent have a relatively similar amout of power in the relationship. Walking out is no big loss; there is nothing special about him; there are plenty of other insurance agents out there; and you have no feeling of community with the other holders of policies from this man!
    However, the relationship of a person with their pastor, doctor, or therapist/counselor is one of Power Imbalance. One person in the relationship is respected for their learning, ability to provide help, and in the pastor’s case, connection with God. The other person is there in vulnerability, seeking help or growth. It is the responsibility of the person with the greater power to be sure the relationship is therapeutic or godly – in either case, healthy and appropriate.
    This idea of power imbalance is not contrived – it is self-evident. The adult on the playground is the one who tries to make sure the children don’t get hurt. Parents are responsible for caring for minor children (and the struggle comes when the power differential changes!) The captain of the ship is responsible for the health conditions for the crew.
    When a pastor initiates or allows sex to enter the pastoral relationship, this is a MUCH more serious situation than an insurance agent cheating on his wife. Ethically, he is violating the trust placed in him by God, the individual, the church, and the whole community. His sexual need, and not Christian love, is for him the point of the relationship.
    A parishioner sees the pastor as a representative of God, to some extent. Questions of obedience to God/pastor get involved. The victim of clergy sexual abuse is tormented by conflicting messages and motives. One’s insurance agent represents, at most, a big corporation. Woo hoo.
    A parishioner is connected to the congregation in a thousand ways, with social as well as spiritual relationships, often including extended family. To walk out on the congregation of your home church is WAY different than changing your insurance agent.
    To stand up and say the pastor is an abuser, when it is your word (female, younger, “needy?”) against his (male, older, PASTOR) is virtually impossible to imagine. To call the Better Business Bureau to report a rotten agent is not much trouble at all.
    Just some thoughts on that poor comparison.

    Peace, Philothea

  9. Sam says:

    Philothea — Very well said! Exactlyyyyy the point(s) so many of us have been trying to make all along. There really is NO comparison between Ousley’s actions and that of a typical Joe Blow. Allowing a predator like Ousley back into the pulpit would be a grave disservice to any church’s members. Whether it’s right or not, people do look up to the clergy as “representatives of God” and that can clearly create problems when that representative is using such status to take advantage of those following him in sexual, political and financial matters.

    Again, kudos on laying it out so nicely in your post.

  10. James says:

    I’m curious about the ordination and licensure procudures in the sbc. is that something that’s permanent or are there disciplinary revocations as in the assembly’s of God?

  11. a birdy says:

    All powerful points. In expecting more from someone in the postion that RO was/is in we MUST look at the clergy he surrounded himself with and not turn a blind eye. These are influential people in the commuity of Birmingham, from Dr.’s, lawyer’s, law enforcement, county officials, educator’s, and please don’t leave out the I Found Hope Counseling Center that was started on RO’s watch and continues to operate with none other than P. Walton sitting on it’s board of director’s. Talk about a place of driving home the whole power imbalance relationship. It is sad beyond words to think that there are women that have posted on this site that have stated that thier husbands were encouraged to attend IFHCC for therapy but the wives were referred to RO for personal counseling with him. It is a shame to hear of ANYBODY taken advantage of while hurting and vulnerable and seeking help. More looking and investigating for the truth needs to take place so that the truth is exposed once and for all. There are too many people that were hurt that need to see and hear the exposure of ALL of the truth so they can move forward and get the healing they need.

  12. Kimberly says:


    I think TSE would be better at explaining the SBC procedures.

    In the meantime…I am once again posting the website that Jaunbouy posted hundreds of posts ago…and I believe I had an email from several including TSE regarding the validity of the organization……



  13. Kimberly says:


    Just some of my thoughts I bounced around earlier off the shoulders of someone I trust. ;)

    I’m not really sure where God is going to take the truth and where all the truth will travel. I do know this though…..

    While there are MANY of us (masses) that have been hurt by Rick Ousley and some of us have very in-depth accounts of Rick’s harm I can’t help but think of Donna and now Curtis1.

    This story of exposure began with Donna summoning from within her spirit, the courage to come forth and begin the process of exposure. While I did my part 10 years ago at BH, and others tried and failed….it was Donna that the Holy Spirit infused supernatural stamina, which powered Donna to bring it to light. Donna was the one that called Greg Garrison…not anyone else. Now we have Curtis1 in somewhat of the same process.

    While unethical fiscal activity may bring Rick Ousley a new type of label…Rick Ousley is first and foremost a sexual predator prowling about waiting to devour. In all of this, I don’t want to lose sight of that. For 10 years I kept a deep, dark secret of pain and anguish not knowing exactly how to proceed and waiting in the desert for the Lord to show me away. A voice called out on 23March07 and I heard.

    I unite my heart with Donna and Curtis1. I came within a hair of the evil one and escaped. There might be others like me out there, but I’m sure there are probably more like Donna and Curtis1.

    If anyone hasn’t heard Dr Platts sermon regarding the initial exposure, it may be downloaded from the website. http://www.brookhills.org

    On the web page to the left is an icon “response to Rick Ousley issue” I encourage everyone to hear the sermon at some point. Also note there is sentence stating that Dr Platt would like all sin to be exposed into the light for real healing to begin.

    This exposure requires and in-depth look at the leadership of Brook Hills.

    In the meantime, I will be praying for Greg Garrison to have the knowledge and wisdom from the Lord on how to proceed. He has been given a ton of information (since the first call from Donna) and he must discern, follow-up, substantiate, take to his editors, and then keep on writing and submitting. This story has so many facets. Greg Garrison is a good guy. I respect him immensely.

    Casper: I applaud your zealousness to bring it all to an end, but this story is 55 years in the making. (Rick’s age) The Holy Spirit will guide it accordingly as we allow. We must continue to hold up Donna and Curtis1 in prayer, along with others (PTSD) that are hurting. Please don’t think I’m criticizing you because I am not. I am just looking at the story from a (feminine) different perspective. Sometimes I wish I knew who you are, because I’m sure you are a good guy too. Other times I am content not to know. I trust through the Holy Spirit that in the 13 years we were at BH, we probably interacted along the way a few times.

    Today I’m remembering some words I posted last week….

    “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.”

    God Bless,

  14. Kimberly says:


    Thank you for your post. It is a needed perspective as we all continue. My friend in the far east, I trust you are putting puzzle pieces together in your paradise.

    God Bless,

  15. Does anyone know if the staff at BH’s is keeping up with this site? From Casper’s posting about Phil W., I am most concerned about the coverup of anything connected to RO. I know that Dr. Platt encouraged everyone to stay away from the blogs. If the staff is not reading and absorbing what is GOING to happened when all this makes news in a big way, they should be. They need to be prepared for all the questions that will come forth once all RO’s activities and financial payoffs are detailed for the world to see.
    I continue to pray for all of you who are helping bring this to light. DON’T GIVE UP UNTIL THERE IS A PUBLIC CONFESSION FROM RICK OUSLEY.

  16. philothea says:

    Kimberly and all,

    From personal experience (another religious leader, another time, another place) I also would add a note of concern about broadening the scope. Just as now, in this other case, women came forward first with charges of sexual misconduct; it was met with shock, denial, and quite a bit of eye-opening. Abuses of his power in other areas (financial, political, etc.) were realized and named. And in the midst of it all, the women were somewhat ignored and dismissed.

    In that non-denominational setting, there were no higher church authorities to turn to; another sad similarity with this SBC case. I give thanks for most denomination’s policies, practices and structures in place to deal with clergy sexual abuse from the first report.


  17. Kimberly says:


    I have no idea if any BH staff are reading this. I understand what Dr Platt meant, when the story first broke, there were literally hundreds of blogs that referenced the story and it was easy to be distracted.

    However, this blog is different. This blog is sort of an oasis that Kathy has allowed us all to stop and get a drink while we’re on our journey. We travel through dune upon dune, but return to the oasis for a drink.

    I believe if Dr Platt were to read the threads in their entirety…especially this thread in particular, Dr Platt could perhaps have a change about his view of blogging.

    When Rick Ousley refuses to own Rick’s evil, and church leadership continues to deny truth, thereby enabling the continued evil. The oasis in the desert continues to provide a little rest for the weary, a little drink for the thirsty, and along the way…some really thought provoking questions with scripture added.

    When I’m in scripture, inside my prayer tent, or praying with my husband, I don’t hear chastisement from the Lord. I hear….”Continue” As I said earlier, voices are crying out from the wilderness. It is time we all listened.

    God Bless,

  18. James says:

    I haven’t listened to Dr Platts sermon yet but I have been wondering ever since this happened why Brookhills hasn’t been more willing to provide a forum for healing and an outlet for discussion with all involved. it seems like they would want to help clean up the mess

  19. Kimberly says:


    To be fair to Dr Platt, he truly walked into an unknown secret abyss of secret sexual evil with all kinds of other evil on the periphery. He heard about this in March just as the story was going to press.

    There are evil strongholds in place at BH. Through collective prayer, and wisdom of the Holy Spirit on how to proceed, it is my ferevent prayer these strongholds will be broken.

    The sermon I’m referring to is the very first on 25March07. The second sermon is great, but it is the first one I’m referencing.

    While we are questioning Dr Platt, we must ask ourselves….Have we gone to Dr Platt?


  20. philothea says:


    It is another friend who is in the far east. I’m right here in B’ham.


  21. Kimberly says:


    I understand.

    I have a sweet, precious friend in the far east reading this blog. I just tagged her in the post to you because I hadn’t been able to email her as of yet.

    I gave her some news yesterday that was pretty painful. She is digesting and absorbing. We are also 18 hours in time apart.

    Am so glad to have a friend like you and a friend in the far east too. Am overwhelmed to have a friend in Jesus. His eyes are to and fro’ on this blog. Am in awe.

    God Bless,

  22. TSE says:


    The licensing/ordaination procedure in the SBC is pretty loose, really. If a person wants to be ordained, their Church must ‘recognize’ the call of God on that person’s life, form an ordaination council, comprised of ordained ministers in the Church and area and ordained Deacons in the Church. The council meets about an hour before the Ordaination Service, asks a few questions, signs the certificate, then ‘lays hands on the candidate’ during the service. I’ve been a part of several of these, I’ve never, ever heard of a council deciding against ordaination after the interview process. (Mine took about 10 minutes, including the roll call, opening prayer and closing prayer.) Bottom line, all SBC churches are autonymous(sic), they can call a person that isn’t ordained and do the ordaination themselves(the church), or have him/her serve without ordaination. Don’t misunderstand me, the Ordaination Services are beautiful and extremely meaningful to the Candidate. However, in truth, there should probably be a few more steps in the process, it might prevent a few problems later on.

  23. TSE says:

    Oh, forgot. I may be wrong, but I don’t think there is any official way to revoke an SBC ordaination. Some churches, and individuals have been dis-fellowshiped, but I’m not aware of any official action by the SBC or State Conventions, either. I could be wrong, however, I haven’t paid much attention since the Fundamentalist takeover.

  24. Donna Jones says:

    Hey Yall,
    Will another GREAT day of talking to people that were on the board and wanted to listen to me and hear the truth.
    I’m emotionally drained and will leave it to Casper to go in details :)
    Carson if you will email me at donnaljones8@yahoo.com We can then set up a time for you to call and listen to just some of the many recordings/tapes that I have.
    Kimberly a hugeeeeeeeeeee hug goes out to you for all the kind words. God Bless you all and excuse the short blog unlike my usual long ones LOL!
    Donna Jones
    OPPS Almost for got to give MOMMA a big hug too…..

  25. carson says:

    donna: i will email you from a private email address right now – and we can arrange a time for me to call you. i am not sure i am quite prepared for this – but I know that i have to hear the tapes – then i will prayerfully prepare myself for talking with the Ousley’s. They will be very surprised to hear from me, and I must do everything in the right spirit. I have to speak with the love of Jesus and not with what is truly in my heart and mind, which I am afraid would not be very Godly….
    Bless you!

  26. Donna Jones says:

    I’m waiting and nothing has showed up? When are you wanting to hear just some of these messages?
    God Bless You and Yours,
    Kimberly—Thanks for the email and that time you added in there I will have to share with Casper because at the excact time you felt the need to pray for me Casper and I were on a very important call :)

  27. shocked says:

    donna: where and when is ro preaching? if you can find out, i think that someone should be there…..that would be a bold statement, but worth a thought.

  28. Donna Jones says:

    I’m working on this but I can say that one of the churches that Rick preached at often was The Church of Tuscaloosa. In his words he hated having to wear his “zoo suit” meaning a suit. He could not wear his jeans and famous Reebok’s.
    Rick would joke but it was truly a racial remark about how “those black people love to wear there Sunday best.”
    Those are the people he is now turning too. I will find the names of the churches and I will post them. I know these church’s deserve to know what has happened and then have the choice of do they want Rick Ousley to preach in there church? I for one do not care if it is a white or black church if Rick Ousley is preaching I want to know and would love to be there. At the same time if these Pastor’s do know the truth of Rick Ousley and they still agree to have him preach in there church I then have to ask my self is this a Godly church? (just my opinion).
    As Casper has already mentioned I have spent the last couple of days speaking to some of Rick’s PAST best friends. It’s once again bitter sweet to hear these men talk and say what love and respect they once had for this man never once believing he was living such a twisted life.
    I have learned some great lessons through all of this.
    1. If you don’t put God first in everything you do it will NOT work (hope Rick sees that now).
    2. If you don’t have good health all the money a free trips don’t matter (hope Rick realizes that since he was given two free passes already with his brain surgery’s).
    3. If you don’t have family and friends then your a lonely person. ( Rick has great daughters whom I feel so sorry for and friends that I have talked to and cried with that he has forever lost as friends.
    I know Rick Ousley better than anyone and I can tell you this when he needs something and he is soooooo use to just speaking up and getting it. He will then be hit with reality that his friends have shut down the “RICK OUSLEY FRIENDSHIP BANK.” No more freebies and the fact he may not have filed the exact paperwork for taxes purposes might wake him up for in even a bigger way. Even if he has to go back and claim from day one that is still a large amount of money.
    Joyce’s car is new because Rick downsized his because the freebie was gone and they had to get one they could actually afford since they would be making the payments. Wanted to make that clear that the freebie with car’s have been cut forever.
    OK! Please continue to pray that God will lead all of us in the directions we need to take. I know now more than ever this all could not have been done without God controlling who and when to call. It’s been like a baseball game at times but in the end we have hit more balls, scored more points and now are even hitting home runs and I would have to say GRAND SLAMS.
    God Bless You All
    Donna Jones
    One last thing, Several have ask me what I wanted from Rick? All I ever wanted from Rick and Joyce was the truth. The WHOLE truth not just half truths or lies. I was told today by an ex friend of Rick’s what I really already knew. I will never get that from Rick or Joyce because they are so sick and twisted they do not know what the truth is them selves. I never wanted all this to be like this I just wanted Rick to tell the facts. Rick cannot do that he has lied to long to be able to even know what the real truth is.
    I’m praying for where God wants me to go next. Each time I have stopped and truly turned it over to God asking him where to go those have been my home runs and grand slams. I ask all of you to pray also. :) Huggsss out to Kimberly and Momma… I’m sure PTSD Mom is reading just not posting. Sam was good to talk with you today even though the conversation wasn’t one of our best. Carson never received any information from you as where to call about the recordings (guess you changed your mind).

  29. still here says:

    is this thread still open?

  30. Jane Doe says:

    I want to know why all these Christian women on this blog would even consider having an affair with a married man. Before you all feel so sorry for each other I pray you fall before the Lord and beg for forgiveness for making another person fall into sexual temptation – you are the predator too and I don’t have any mercy for you – you’re just as bad as this RO person you are talking about.

  31. Trent Reznor says:

    Does anyone know what Rick Ousley is up to these days – where he is, who is employing him or the like? Has he befriended Ted Haggard? Just curious.

  32. PTSD Mom says:

    You are on one of the older threads of this blog. There is another one that was started after this one. Go there to post.

  33. watching says:

    Rick is worse than Haggard