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  1. PTSD Mom says:

    Broken Heart:

    My opinion based on this experience(with my daughter), when evil takes hold of somebody to this extreme, they are more arrogant than fearful. The one that they bow to roams the earth. They seem to believe that they are much more powerful in worldly matters than we are.

    I have found evil to be extremely arrogant. This is usually brings them down.

    I state nothing on this blog as fact, only my opinion.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Broken Heart: Thank you for the kind words of encouragement.

    Curtis1: You’re very welcome. You are never too far from my thoughts these days. Have people praying for you.

    Kimberly (Matthew 11:28-29)

  3. stephen says:

    you all have no lives… email me at if you have a problem.. but seriously… get a life

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  5. interested says:

    these folks are to be praised for doing the work of god no matter what the cost.

  6. PTSD Mom says:


    Which folks are to be praised?

  7. Casper says:


    more calls made today that weren’t just “home runs”, they were hit out of the park, no, they were hit so far that they’ll never find the balls! Names will not be mentioned because at this point, its not relavant. But let me just say, they are significant in their influence and at making sure more people know. They are being very helpful to Ms Jones in filling in the gaps and sharing more people to contact.

    For those that think the only way to stop RO is through lawsuit, what are you going to sue over? That’s not going to happen in the way you might think, but the fact that his ministry never obtained 4013C status IS a big thing. That would mean that RO should have to pay taxed on all money earned from its inception. Also, people donating to the ministry that have claimed it as a tax free donation, think again. Who ever is giving the house to live in and thinks they can write it off, think again. To the car dealer that just gave Joyce another new car to drive and you think you’re giving to a ministry, think again.
    This ought to get your blood boiling: The board supposingly gave RO a three (3) month severance package. They also paid off the ministry credit card (which Ms Jones was told was huge too). By the way, it was shared that a loan dept with the church was paid off too, but an amount was not shared as to how much that amount was. She was also told that whatever money was not re-claimed would be given to RO to get him through. A letter was supposed to be circulated letting people know how to claim their money if they wanted it back from the fund raiser event, but no one has seen it yet. She was also told that around 80,000 was raised at the event……which could all end up in RO hands. The house that RO is closing on at the end of the month, was built for him at cost and some guess that there’s a couple of hundred thousand dollars in the house too. I bet the builder and the land scaper aren’t happy about that!! Now you can understand if you hear that RO is playing golf 4 times a week and acting like he doesn’t have a worry in the world, cause he doesn’t ……yet.

    RO has also told some close to him that he plans on preaching again in the inner city. Obviously he just didn’t dream this up, so he is having conversations with churches about future appointments. I guess he is counting on these churches looking the other way, forgiving his sin…..I wonder what they’ll think when the next article comes out? And when the story that he has been telling everyone is proven, not to just be false, but to be absurdly false?

    In conversations today, more women were revealed and by descriptions/titles/ and time lines, it is easy to deduct that RO had many affairs with women of Brook Hills. Money issues are easily seen through by these ex board members and friends. The “hits” just keep on comin!

    The people that were holding on to RO’s story are falling one by one. The truth is being shared and eyes are opening. They are talking to each other too and the gereral consesus is that there must have been a lot more women. More calls to occur tomorrow and RO mus be wondering who?…does he call to prep them, or hope that the key people don’t get those calls. Today, he had one leg kicked out from under him and let’s just hope that he doesn’t have a leg to stand on when all is revealed. And let me finish by saying this, all Ms. Jones wants is for RO to come clean so he AND she can heal. There’s an easy way to finish this and there’s a hard way. Ms. Jones is ready and wiling to go either way.

  8. Alan says:

    Casper: I am a CPA and you are meaning to say that RO never obtained 501(c)(3) status (which is tax exempt status).

    I have not posted to date and have just been carefully observing. I am a past bi-vocational youth pastor that feels betrayed because I have taken many youth groups to functions that have heard RO preach. In fact, through one of RO’s sermons, one of my hardest to reach youth came to a saving knowledge of Christ…PRAISE GOD!

    I agree with most posts on this blog…what we are NOT seeing from RO is brokeness. He needs to come to a point in all of this that he allows the Holy Spirit to bring about conviction in his life. He needs to be broken and spilled out for the shame he has brought to the Gospel Ministry.

    No doubt, God CAN and WILL use RO again…but ONLY if he will allow his heart to break so that God can HEAL him. I am praying for RO, the victims and their families and RO’s family…I encourage all of you to continue doing the same. My heart goes out to all of you that were directly or indirectly victims of RO. May God bless you and keep you.


  9. Mike says:

    I knew Rick ousley in the 1980′s when he was at North Phoenix Baptist Church as well as Rickard “King” Jackson who was the Pastor at this church. The Power that these people had was unbeliveable. They destroyed lives, famlies, and marriages. I was one marriage that was destroyed by this click. I was young, naive and went to my pastor for help and what I got was that RO, Richard Jackson and his Secretary Vicki Patterson(who is known today as Vicki Vaugn) just hold my problems over my head, gossiped to others in the church about my problems and ruined my College career…Here is the irony, I was offered counseling by RIchard Jackson to see his secretary VICKI Patterson who is now know as Vicki Vaugn…here is a woman who counseled me for having marital problems and she ends up in divorce …unbeliveable….RICK OUSLEY was invoved in NORTH PHOENIX BAPTIST church doing the “Solid Rock” bible studies preaching, and teaching…he was very charmasitic. All I know today is that the group at North Phoenix with RO loved to have “things” to hold over your head so they could “CONTROL” …looking back I was navie and just wanting to seek counsel and help through my local church. However, I got judged, look down on, talked about, and when I lost my marriage and ended up on the street I asked for help for a job and I put Vicki Vaugh on a application for a refernece hopefully she would help so I could get a job to finish up college…Do you know what she did? She told my potential employer about my martial problems and that I was separated from my wife. Absolutely unbeliveable….I thought my local church was to help, restore, and pray with you…not carry out “control, manipualtion, and destruction….” Now, the truth about this click is coming out….there is an old saying…what comes around goes around…they are reaping the hurt they sown…i know i am one small example, but being so young I really needed my church…and thought these people who were in positions of leadeship really cared…they did not….I am wiser now…

  10. Mike says:

    WOW, looked up the website
    I did not know this existed, Rick Ousley name is on it and if you click on his name it provides a full article…Just how many get sweeped under the carpet.

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