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I’m going to start a new comment thread as the most recent one has become a bit unwieldy.  ALmod was planning to set up a forum, but she has a couple of family members in the hospital, and she needs to focus on them.

Comment at will.

If you want to catch up, see here, here, and here.  Yes, I know I said in that middle post that we were going to stop this, but the current discussion has returned to the original focus, and that can be a healthy outlet.

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  1. PTSD Mom says:


    15 years old———–I think most of us can understand your anger.

    Did you guys try to press charges against RO? Was this made public? If so, how? If not, why?

    Please tell us, how is your sister now?

  2. Tim says:

    Yes we told and our whole family were called liars. They said my sister said it to get attention. Why would any one want that kind of attention? That is sick minded. My sister is Ok she does not talk about it much. She had heard about this Internet chat. I don’t like reading it all really because it makes me mad that someone can do all this and live like he does. If it were anyone else that would be behind bars with never to see day light again.

  3. PTSD Mom says:


    I am glad your sister is okay. I know she is carrying scars that most of us cannot imagine. Please tell her that we are so sorry that she has been victimized this way.

    It is understandable that you are so angry and that it is hard to read what is coming out on the blog.

    Please try to hang with us so that we can all help put the pieces of the puzzle together. We do not want RO to have the opportunities to do these things again. He has to be stopped. You and your sister, by being truthful and honest can help that to happen.

    If you do not want to blog, please do contact me through Almod’s forum.

  4. Just Wondering says:

    The link to the article Donna quoted above:

    I am just wondering . . . Donna, you happened to mention that R.O., like AIDS, has infected so many (4/30, 11:20 A.M. post). Since you’ve discovered that R.O. had seemingly been with many others, have you actually been tested for AIDS?

  5. AFBH says:

    To my knowledge, RO did not steal money at BH. The alleged embezzlement referred to in the post above was allegdly carried out by a staff person (which to my knowledge was never proven). I am not defending RO (please know that), but just wanted to clear up any confusion.

    This blog is read by alot of people, most of whom never post. It gives those who have had no voice for so long a voice and that is really necessary in the healing process. I am sorry that so many of you have been hurt and my thoughts and prayers go out to you all.

  6. Just Wondering says:


    The Almod’s forum link is:

  7. PTSD Mom says:

    TIM and THE FACTS:

    Please contact me on Almod’s blog. You can do so anonymously by setting up a yahoo or hotmail acct of your (for this subject only; to protect yourself) own and then contacting me there or just sign up over there and contact me through my inbox. I do not need your identities, just want to share something with you privately.

    Please do this.

  8. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for Donna and others as they attempt to hold RO accountable for his actions/sins. Surely there is someone who can put all the puzzle pieces together and can bring some charges against this man. I can’t understand why there hasn’t been a followup article in Bham News about this.

  9. juanbuoy says:

    Is Greg Garrison (bham news reporter) still involved with this story? If not, we should look toward Pulitzer prize winner Brett Blackledge.

  10. Kate says:


    You are correct in that the embezzlement accusation was allegdly carried by a staff person. Not by RO. I too am not defending RO about the embezzlement accusations but want to clear up some misconceptions. The white collar crime was brought to surface to hide a sexual harrasment claim against RO. Each side had some ugly secrets on the other and it was decided to not go forward to protect BH from ugly allegations that would hurt many.

  11. PTSD Mom says:

    Just Wondering: Thank you for posting the link. You know how technologically challenged I am.

    I am in communication with somebody that is writing to G. Garrison. It is my understanding that he may be monitoring this blog. He is willing to follow up, but he cannot write a story if he cannot, at some point, talk to some of us. I am not sure, but think he will protect his sources identity, if the source can point him in a direction in which he can check facts.

    Who is the Pulizter Prize winner? Tell me about him.

  12. juanbuoy says:

    PTSD Mom:
    I found this link about Blackledge on Kathy’s blog:

  13. PTSD Mom says:

    JuanBuoy: Thanks. At a quick glance, he does appear to be into actually investigating stories. I think that may be rare today.

  14. Kimberly says:

    I’m so deeply sorry for your younger sister. I certainly understand being thrown under the bus. (called a liar…May 1997) The difference with me…I didn’t take it all the way public. I was in a very precarious set of circumstances at the time. Very young children and a very special “other daughter” at the time whom I deeply loved and still do for the matter. After Rick was able to “persuade” someone very close to my heart, that I was “exaggerating, embellishing, etc” I was literally blown away. (There was hard evidence at the time.) I was heartbroken and knew to hold on for later years.

    My husband and I read your post last night and just clung to one another. The set-up of your wife was like looking into a movie of captured time. Our piece just had a much different ending. We hugged each other while we affirmed our love for one another. My husband was tearful for you. I was in a rage and he carried me out to my gardens. My gardens are my sanctuary where there is an ebb and flow of peace. I wish you would email me, I would tell you my/our entire story. But…I will say this……

    I asked you the other night if there was a church calendar from 1996-1997. It would be on the “Pastoral” calendar that I began meeting with Rick weekly beginning late April 1996. You know…learning to submit…”Pastoral Authority” (which I had a disdain for at the time)

    If you’re out there and reading this, I really don’t know what to say except what my prayer tent told me last night….”Don’t carry the sin of thinking I, Kimberly could have stopped it.” When I’m centered on scripture…I have no doubt. THIS IS THE APPOINTED TIME. NOT my time of 1996-1997, nor your time of the 80′s and 90s.
    TSE: If you as a minister of the Gospel of OUR Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, believe us….it is enough for me. We just need your prayers and wisdom.

    I’m praying for you Sister. Go to the table daily for your Omer and Glass of Living Water. I am all over scripture right now….for all of us!

    PT MOM:
    TSE said for us earlier today for us to continue “to fight the fight”…beloved Paul said it thousands of years ago too. Jesus Christ, our ALPHA & OMEGA, said paraphrasing….”Blessed are those who believe without having seen.” Faith, faith, faith, faith, and more faith….never in our personal humanity, but in the Glorious Bright Morning Star. The light of the Star which illuminates the dark corners where the beasts lurk. The light is victorious. We stand in the light.

    Thank you for the spirit of your words and your prayers. Pray for truth and righteousness to abound.

    I love all of you and I’m in awe of the goodness of Christ for bringing us all together. Please continue to pray for me…and for husband, and for the children who are now teenagers.

    God Bless,

  15. Kimberly says:

    HI KATE:

    I’m aware that RO didn’t do the actual embezzling. I was still a member at the time. This is my opinion….there was embezzling and someone orchestrated it. That doesn’t mean I believe the embezzler is the one who conceived the idea. FWIW


  16. Kimberly says:

    Okay, FWIW my post which is timed for 11:30 is dancing around in moderation.


  17. Kimberly says:


    I see the moderation. Thank you.

    Through Christ,

  18. curtis1 says:

    Donna- Thank you for helping on the KAN DO problem.

  19. Kimberly says:


    Just in case you missed my email up thread, it’s
    I’ve been racking my brain over and over again. I would like to ask you some general questions that will in no way “give you away” I’m trying to establish a timeline of predatory behavior.

    If your name is in your email and you don’t want to be discovered….go to and create a new email without your name. That’s how cs came to be one of mine. (though on this particular blog…God had me step out a wee bit. :) )

    God Bless,

  20. curtis1 says:

    I just got off the phone with Greg Garrison and Donna Jones(3 way calling). My story is very very similar to Donna’s. I’m needing prayers from all of you. I’m having a hard time with giving him my real name. And writting my whole story on this blog. Oh I am a woman from phoenix. And my email does not contain my real name. Thanks for the hint Kimberly.

  21. PTSD Mom says:


    Thank you for talking with Garrison and letting us know that you are also one of the victims.

    For anybody that wants to share their stories, confidentially, there is an address you can go to, which is

    Just create a yahoo e-mail address in which you cannot be identified.

    It is time to figure just how many victims there are. If you are victim, please send your story.

  22. Kimberly says:


    You are very welcome! I’m linking my heart today at this time through the transcending love of Jehovah Rapha to all on this blog.

    I spent time today in the company of my prayer tent. They are praying for all of us and loving all of through the Love of Jesus Christ. They’re not gossip-mongers, rubberneckers, or pharisees. They’re trusted individuals that Jesus brought into my life last May for this very time.

    I’m going to pray and will be back in a while.


  23. juanbuoy says:


    God bless you! You have demonstrated a tremendous amount of courage already. You will certainly be in my prayers as well as all other victims who desperately need healing and comfort from our Compassionate Healer.

    I read some in Revelation today and was encouraged by this awesome picture of prayers ascending and and invoking a just response from heaven to earth! The LORD will answer the cries of His much loved ones!

    Revelation 8:3 Another angel came and stood at the altar, holding a golden censer; and much incense was given to him, so that he might add it to the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar which was before the throne.

    4 And the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, went up before God out of the angel’s hand.

    5 Then the angel took the censer and filled it with the fire of the altar, and threw it to the earth; and there followed peals of thunder and sounds and flashes of lightning and an earthquake.

    Verse 1 gives a picture of a period of silence; Then there are prayers; the prayers are heard! The prayers were answered!

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  25. Kathy says:

    Wow! This is the Energizer Bunny of blog threads. New thread here.

  26. Mike says:

    I am a former NPBC member here in phoenix. I was a young navie person going thru hard times in my marriage. I sought counseling thru NPBC. And, guess who I got to counsel me….Vicki Vaugn , who was known as Vicki Patterson at this time. Yes, she was and still is Richard Jackson’s personal secretry. Go figure…she was counseling me and my wife and she ends up in divorce as well. I attended Rick Ousely’s bible studies, events…etc. I was crucified by NPBC becasue of my divorce…now, we have the one’s in charge having worse demons than me. For years this NPBC VICKI VAUGN known as VICKI PATTERSON destroyed my life….When my family was down and out they gossiped, talked down to you and treated you like a second class christian. Well, time has a way of bringing out the truth…If RICK OUSLEY was all that….then I wonder what else was sweeped under the carpet.

  27. PTSD Mom says:

    Mike, for your information, they have already started another thread for the Ousley story on the blog. If you look right above your post, you will see that Kathy has a place for you to link into the next thread.

    I saw this because the posts still come into my computer.

    I am so very sorry about what has happened to you. These people have truly left a trail of destruction in their path. Many of the men that were victimized this way feel bad for not seeing the truth. Please do not get down on yourself about this. This network of people have been practicing this form of manipulation for a long, long time.

    If you have not e-mailed Gordon McGuire (he has a handicapped site), you may want to get in touch with him. He is in near Phoenix.

    Regarding being a second-class Christian, the same thing happened to me on this blog. I guess my Christian friends learned well from Ousley.

    God bless and take care of you.

  28. LeOgAhEr says:

    I Love you girls


  29. I don't understand? says:

    Okay, I don’t understand…factually their are young women who have been “used” by Rick Ousley. In RO position in the pastorate he not only sinned was morally bankrupt. So, I have 3 QUESTIONS as follows:
    1st: WHY ARE “SO MANY” MORE CONCERNED WITH RO than the women he was sleeping with during his marriage?
    2nd: Why are the same people trying to sweep this under the carpet? Especially, the NORTH PHX BAPTIST CHURCH CROWD?
    3RD: Why are the NORTH pHX BAPTIST CROWD LOOK AT the people coming forward wanting answers LIKE WE ARE WRONG AND SINNING FOR BRINGING LIGHT TO THIS HYPOCRISY? And, how we need to be Christ-like…yes I agree we all need to be Christ-like…but, how is bringing this hypocrisy to light being not christ-like? There is such hypocrisy…amazing…Not one person at North Phoenx Bpatist Church asking for an accounting….

  30. Linda Hooker says:

    Looks like the more things change, the more they stay the same. Anybody ever wonder why Rick didn’t include his first church in Texas under his bio. His first church in Texas was Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Spring Texas(it was around 1976). Rick was married to Deb at the time. If you don’t already know these events, you may want to look into them.

  31. PTSD Mom says:

    Linda: Please tell me about Oak Ridge Baptist Church. What events?

  32. Bill Siemens says:

    How would one look into those things at Oak Ridge and what are you referring to that happened?

  33. PTSD Mom says:

    Linda, help us please. Point us in a direction that will enable us to find this information. Thank you. You can contact me through