Red-Headed Stepchildren?

“[Fill in the blank] treated me like a red-headed stepchild.”  I’ve never understood that expression — for one thing, I love red hair, for another, I have a stepchild, and she’s wonderful.  But it’s the first thing that came to mind when I read this article.  It seems Beijing’s transport management bureau has issued some self-improvement guidelines for cabbies as part of the preparation for the 2008 summer Olympics.  You can imagine: don’t smoke, don’t spit, be polite, and — huh? — no red hair for the women.

The article doesn’t specify whether the guidelines refer to really red or a nice auburn, and it doesn’t say why red hair is supposed to be so offensive.  Can anyone explain to me why this would be an issue?

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  1. Bottom Line says:

    I think the folks over the the “If I Ran the Zoo” are more fun lately. They got me fired up with their gun control crap. Just remember Kathy, sooner or later I will have you converted into a conservative libertarian!

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