Neglected Horse Returned to Owner

Blues reader Susan S. is not happy about the story of Eagle, a horse found wandering in Irondale back in October, sick and emaciated.  The Emergency Animal Rescue Service (TEARS) took in Eagle and nursed him back to health, but a judge ruled that he must be returned to his original owner.  The TEARS website has “before” pictures of Eagle that would turn any decent person’s stomach.

According to the TEARS account (scroll down for updates), Eagle’s original owner, Eddie Cook, loaned him to an acquaintance a few years ago.  When the acquaintance wanted to return Eagle, Mr. Cook directed him to shoot the horse, saying he had no place to keep him.  The acquaintance instead found a third person to take Eagle, and that was the end of it till Eagle turned up on the roadside in Irondale.

When Mr. Cook found out that TEARS had custody of Eagle, he filed suit to get him back.  Why?  Who knows?  He told the judge that he had ordered Eagle to be shot and would have been happy if that had happened.  He has reportedly refused several offers from people who want to buy Eagle, including one from Ken “Suzuki Man” Nichols, a friend of TEARS.

After failing twice this week to pick up his horse from TEARS, Mr. Cook showed up at Eagle’s foster location yesterday afternoon without so much as a horse trailer and took Eagle to a storage facility nearby.

Here’s Eagle now:

I don’t have much confidence that he’ll continue in this state of good health.  Petitions, phone calls, and payment to Mr. Cook did nothing to sway the judge.  TEARS has exhausted all of its legal options.  It looks like we can only hope that Mr. Cook’s neighbors will keep an eye on him — and Eagle.

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  1. Mose Wolfe says:

    Majela, talk about being confused I actually know some of these people,live in the area and still can`t make heads or tails of why people are acting like they are.Eddie not going to say anything for himself .He never has I guess he`s afraid he`ll put his foot in his mouth like he always does

  2. majela says:

    do you know elijah? i remember you said you knew bama mam. i just keep shaking my head.

  3. Mose Wolfe says:

    know him well.He works with me to make life worse my mothers maiden name is Cook.Thank God not close.SO yes I know alot of the people involved.I am just using an old alias from way back here to try to keep up with Eagle in the real world

  4. majela says:

    and what a web we weeb. i don’t think i could keep all of this straight, i hope your eye in the sky and your eye on the ground is on eagle. majela

  5. Mose Wolfe says:

    firmly,with alot more help than you would imagine.Not all Alabama people are as redneck as portrayed.MY group does things like role play as a job and we`re interested in Eagle welfare

  6. majela says:

    well mose it can’t be too redneck if there is bb/queervoice. i have never visited alabama. have visited ky and that is kind of redneck. i actually don’t mind it too much as long as people treat me right. so far not bad experiences. i role play sometimes in my job also.

  7. majela says:

    hoping for a safe and happy life for eagle. he now has a website. i don’t know how to post it here. can anyone help?

  8. Lucy says:

    This is Eagle’s Web Site. Hope it works. Just click on it. Lucy

  9. Joanne Kennedy says:

    I’m having a hard time believing the newly posted pics on Eagle’s website are actually current….sorry folks! He looks depressed, a little bit thin, and a bit shaggy too. These HAVE to be old photos that were recently put on a CD…that would explain the current date on these pics. Hmmm? He looks just like he did the day cook took posession of him!!


  10. majela says:

    thank you lucy. pics seem kind of old ones. majela

  11. bama mom says:

    You know Jo, there’s just no pleasing you… Those pics are legitimate and current (look at the date), so get over it and realize that Mr. Cook’s NOT the person ya’ll have tried to make him out to be… Eagle’s fine, healthy, and he was running around and having a ball. By the way, there is NO ONE related to Mr. Cook by the name of Elijah… Of course, another person, lying, trying to start some mess.

  12. majela says:

    bama, nice to hear from you. i appreciate your time and effort in keeping us informed about eagle. just keep on letting us know about him. i trully appreciate it. majela

  13. Joanne Kennedy says:

    The “new” pics pretty much speak for themselves. All ANYONE has to do is go back to the two pics you posted of Eagle originally, and they can SEE that either these are OLD pics of Eagle, OR, he is starting to look a little “poorly.” Those of us on this board who HAVE actually seen Eagle, are NOT as blind, or as dumb, as you seem to think we are.

    If Eagle is so happy, why does he look so depressed in every one of these pics? BTW, the dates on these pics do not prove ANYTHING. They could have been taken in April and not been developed until July 2007….or a new CD could have been made on 7/11/07.

    Yep…yep, a picture is worth a thousand words. Thanks bama. You let me know about all I need to know…

  14. Renee FOB says:

    Those eyes are not bright, that worries me and physically he looks bad. That poor sweet boy.

  15. Joanne Kennedy says:

    How very true, Renee. The pics make me feel very sad for this sweet old boy. His head is hanging so low in each pic too. I still think these are old pics, and I still pray for his health and well being. It would be nice to actually see pics of him “having a ball” with his pasture mates, instead of just reading about it. Also, if these are current pics, WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS HE SUPPOSEDLY GAINED????

  16. Elijah Cook says:

    Bama mom I guess I`m expected to believe that your real world given name is bama & your last name is mom?That may not be my real name but what I say is true .I`m related to Cook more closely than I want to be.I see him at his shop in Hueytown,I see him at horse shows,I`m closer than you think.Lets all get real here I only know of one person on regular basis using their own name here

  17. bama mom says:

    You know what, this is a crock. You don’t know the first thing of what you’re talking about Elijah, along with “Mose Wolfe” because if you did you would KNOW that Eagle “IS” at Mr. Cook’s place, where he’s been since he was returned to Mr. Cook. You don’t have any idea of what you’re talking about, and neither does Mose Wolfe when it comes to Eagle. If you two work for the DEA, it’s a miracle, because neither of you seem to have any sense of communication, which is necessary and “required” to be in the DEA, or any other law enforcement branch. It’s called a “High School Education”, and you two sound and “type” like you’re in the 7th or 8th grade, if that. So stop your lies, stop your B.S. and realize that you’re not getting anywhere other than stirring up some mess. And as far as the new pics go, Eagle was running and rolling in the mud before I took those pics. If you’ll look at them, you’ll see that it’s dirt and / or mud on his coat, not anything else, and he was playing until Mr. Cook and I went into the pasture, at which time he wanted attention from the person he KNOWS takes care of and LOVES him. DEAL WITH IT!!!! Eagle’s fine, healthy, and happy!!!! Stop trying to “make up” stuff to keep the crap stirred up. If you’ll also look at the current pics, you’ll see that the “place on his leg” that you tried to stir up, was never there. If it had been, his coat would be scarred at that place. That’s why I made sure to get pics of his legs too.

  18. Joanne Kennedy says:

    YOU are the “CROCK!” You have nothing better to do than malign, (bad-mouth), anyone who disagrees with you…you’re a SICKO, and have been telling LIES from the very beginning of this “saga!” Do you REALLY think that your verbal “ABUSE” of other people on this board makes you somehow “look good??” Well, I have a big News Flash for you…IT DOESN’T!!! It only shows people what you really ARE! I would say you remind me of a female DOG, but I’m afraid that term is a little too GOOD for you…..even “she-dogs” aren’t as bad as you sometimes, (most of the time), are!

    NOBODY SAID COOK ABUSED EAGLE!!!! GOT THAT???? BUT, he damn sure DID “neglect” him!!! When he “LOANED” Eagle to his “casual acquaintance” – Mr. Lawley – he was STILL morally, and LEGALLY “responsible” (look THAT up in your Funk & Waggonal!), for making sure HIS horse was being taken care of, PROPERLY!!! HE FAILED EAGLE MISERABLY!!! He never ONCE checked on HIS horse in the ENTIRE time Lawley had him!! When Lawley wanted to return Eagle, Cook told him to “shoot him!” Cook himself admitted that in court, and later LIED about it to the media!!! I have the newsmedia tape to PROVE what I’m saying…do YOU?? There are MANY witnesses who heard what he said in court too, including the judge AND several lwayers, so maybe YOU need to “get a grip” – and DEAL WITH IT!!! You are the ONLY one “making up stuff” these days! You act like someone who’s more of a “girlfriend” of Cook than anything….Aaah, love is blind, ain’t it??? ( Oh gee, I said “ain’t”…and I went WAY past the 7th or 8th grade!!). Ha!!

    The pics you recently posted of Eagle are NOT “current” and you’re lying if you say they are. Of COURSE there was no wrap on his right front leg…these pics were taken back in April, before anything happened to him! To my knowledge, we (in AL.) hadn’t HAD rain at the time the “current” pics were taken (July 11), so where did this so-called “mud” supposedly come from?? Geeze, you must think the whole world is just stupid & blind…except for you & Cook, of course, :-) YOU NEED A REALITY CHECK, seriously! IF these were current pics, and the wrap had been removed from his leg, the wound would have healed and NO, there would NOT necessarily be any “scarring.” Just how much DO you know about horses, anyway??? Not much, I’d say….and neither does whoever is “coaching” you to post the “crap” you’re posting here!

    EVERYBODY makes mistakes when they are writing/typing words, including you and I, and SOMETIMES it is done intentionally…to throw people like YOU off! This board isn’t about spelling & grammar, nor is it about punctuation, so why don’t you get off your “high horse,” (pun intended), and stick with the subject, EAGLE! All we care about is Eagle and in my opinion, your information about him leaves ALOT to be desired.

  19. Elijah Cook says:

    I`ve never said anything about the new pictures you put up others did but not me .You keep attacking my education .I have masters in Criminial Forensics to you?

  20. bama mom says:

    Elijah, I apologize for including the part about the pics in with the comment above. Certain people know who that’s meant for, and that part wasn’t for you, but it was all flowing out together. And please forgive me if I’m incorrect, but for someone with college educations (as you say, and I assume Mose Wolfe since ya’ll work together), if you’ll go back and look at what you’ve posted and “attempt” to read it, you’ll see where my opinions on that part are coming from too. All in all Eagle is where he is suppose to be! Eagle is healthy! Eagle is being care for! Eagle is living out his life in luxury with Mr. Cook! SOME people on this thread just can’t get that through their skull, and realize that “they were wrong”!!!

  21. Mose Wolfe says:

    Easy bama,Rule one Don`t jump when you can`t see the other side.Rule2 Don`t say things you can`t back up.Rule3Always be sure whose there and why .Things are not always what they seem.Have you noticed you are the only one left out to dry if cook looses in court.You are the only public voice left for him,I just wonder where everyone else has gone.By the way all Federal have at least a 4 yr degree at college level

  22. majela says:

    cavel has opened it’s ugly doors again. horses will be and probably are being slaughter as i speak. can we take some time out to call our reps and senators to stop this despicable practice. the bill in senate is s311 and congress hr503. i pray for eagle’s safety everyday. majela

  23. bama mom says:

    Being the pot calling the kettle black, get off of your pain pills!!! I know WHEN I took every one of the pics I’ve posted. You can’t make up the date, as you’ve tried to accuse me of doing. Those pics are on a digital camera, not on a disc. It did rain that morning in Adger and Birmingham!! If you’ll look at some of the photos of Eagle, you’ll see that the ground is wet. Or better yet call the news and ask them. I have no reason to lie about any of this!! You and Tera are doing that enough for everyone, and NO Mr. Cook is NOT my boyfriend. He’s become too close of a friend, and I’m already in a relationship!!!
    All I want is for Eagle to be cared for and remain healthy, WHICH IS WHAT’S BEING DONE AS IT WAS DONE BY MR. COOK BEFORE Lawley lied to him about Eagle!!!!! And no Mr. Cook did not tell Lawley to shoot Eagle. He told Lawley NOT to shoot him, and that “if it Eagle was that bad, he (Mr. Cook) would bring a vet to give him a shot”, not shoot him. And yes he checked on Eagle constantly. They were in a hunting club together, but Lawley lied on that one too, huh go figure.. You on the other hand act like you WANT Eagle to be abused and neglected so you “may” be able to justify some of the CRAP and lies that you and your buddy Tera have started. What I stated earlier is not “verbal abuse”. It’s calling it as I see it, and I explained that to “Elijah”. AS I SAID: stop “trying” to find stuff to stir, and be happy that Eagle’s fine!!! He’s been at the Hueytown Arena with Mr. Cook, and anyone who was there saw how Eagle was healthy, enjoyed getting out there running around, and playing with Mr. Cook. The people who saw him there couldn’t believe how old Eagle is because he wasn’t acting it. He was full of energy, healthy energy.

    And Mose,
    I guess I’m the only person “on the computer” taking up for Mr. Cook because I’m only one of his friends that has the time and patience to do it, and sit back and laugh my tail off at some of the “other” people tell lies and try to stir mess on here.

  24. Joanne Kennedy says:

    Not that it’s any of YOUR business, but I haven’t been on any pain meds for nearly a week. Maybe if I were, I’d be able to tolerate more of the “BS” YOU post on here!!! WHY IN GOD’S NAME ARE YOU SOOOO “OBSESSED” WITH TERRA AND TEARS????? Why do you INSIST on bringing them into this??? They have done NOTHING WRONG!!! They SAVED Eagle’s life, you idiot!!! Why don’t you just get off their leg???(Yeah, THAT’s verbal abuse….but you have done everything possible to deserve it). You are also very gullible if you believe half of what you say regarding the “Eagle Case.”

  25. majela says:

    ladies and gents. hr503 and s311. majela

  26. bama mom says:

    So you were on them when it was raining then? Why are you so obsessed with defending the guilty??? Tera is the one who started this mess, and you keep taking up for her over it. I guess you were involved too, huh?. If she would have done what was “RIGHT”, yeah “RIGHT” (a work she apparently doesn’t know), the person who actually “did” this mess to Eagle would have already been to jail for it. No one denies that the “foster mother” HELPED Eagle, but you can’t say Tera did nothing “wrong”. Everything she did was against ethical and moral standing for “most” people, including leaving a “recorded” message on Mr. Cook’s answering machine making threats toward him!! AN INNOCENT MAN HAS BEEN WRONGED, and it’s all because of a few people who saw an opportunity to take advantage of a horrible situation instead of doing what was right to begin with. THAT’S WHY!!! I’m not the idiot!!! I’m the one pointing out what went wrong!! You’re the one trying to make mountains out of molehills, and twist things around to be what they aren’t.

  27. bama mom says:

    Looks like she’s still not doing the right thing:

    Conservation officers remove animals from TEARS director’s home

    Posted by Birmingham News staff June 29, 2007 2:05 PM

    State Department of Conservation officers today removed several animals from the property of TEARS director Terra Cotromano in west Jefferson County.

    Craig Hill, assistant chief in the enforcement section, said conservation officers and sheriff’s deputies recovered nine opossums, four geese and a couple of robins that were apparently being kept as pets.

    “They didn’t seem to have any injuries that they were recovering from,” Hill said.

    Hill said it is illegal to keep animals from the wild as pets. Cotromano will be charged with one count of holding wildlife in captivity, he said.

    The Emergency Animal Rescue Service often responds to animal emergencies to recover injured or mistreated animals.

    How about that???

  28. majela says:

    now bama, this about removing these animals from her home seems like harrassment. i don’t think i would want possums, geese in my house. robins are cute. i hate to tell you what they do with possum around here. this now does not seem right. this is a bit over the top, is not like having a a large cat or something dangerous. i suppose that area is country, right? i have heard of people keeping deer in their homes. this just does not seem right. charges over a possum?

  29. bama mom says:

    This was the Conservation Officers, not local law enforcement. I “heard”(not confirmed, but hear say) that she had already been warned, but refused to comply. That’s a health hazzard. She said they were injured and recovering, but as the article above says: “They didn’t seem to have any injuries that they were recovering from,” Hill said.

    See this page:

    It says possums and a baby ground hog named Murray. All have been successfully released. It seems, they weren’t, and that’s why she was busted.

  30. majela says:

    bama, if i wish to keep a possum or a goose in my house i should be able to. most people just want to kill them both. believe i have enough with my doggies and cats. seems pretty petty stuff when there is so much more going around. it looks like nonsense and harrassment. you know i don’t like arguing. that goose looked like it had been injured. i can tell you that wild life officers around here are very slow to respond when a wild animal is hurt and needs rehabing. heck there were much more responsive in the city. they had wild life refuges. not out in the country there is no such thing. not in this county anyway. they have one large animal officer to handle all complaints of cruelty and neglect. this makes no sense and makes me suspicious of some folks ganging up on tears. no wander jo is on a rant. i hope you see my point here. majela

  31. bama mom says:

    I understand what you’re saying, but it’s law regulated here. And I guess my point is that once again some people don’t do what they are legally suppose to do…

  32. majela says:

    bama is law regulated pretty much everywhere. enforcememt is a whole other issue. you know what i am saying. majela

  33. Elijah Cook says:

    awesome that you have every thing on this woman right at your fingertips but you say we are after Cook!That tape you talk about won`t hold up in court.Most people never get arrested for wild animal unless some ones got it in for Jackie Myers and her buddy here

  34. BAMA MOM:
    My name is Mallorie Thomas. I am the Welfare Investigator with TEARS Animal Rescue. My email address is Unlike yourself, that feels you are protected by posting under an anonymous screen name, I don’t care for people to know who I am and what I have to say.
    Please be advised, I am posting this as a courtesy to YOU, to inform you that TEARS attorney is demanding you cease and desist posting the libelous slander and unfounded information you are posting on his public forum about Terra Cotromano and the TEARS organization……..

  35. bama mom says:

    Oh I’m sorry. So are you saying that what the Birmingham News, the TEARS webpage, and other media put out about her are false too. Those sources are where I get my information from.

  36. Kathy says:

    I think it’s best to close comments on this post. Thanks, everyone, and I hope you’ll continue to visit and read the blog.

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