Samford Crimson on Rick Ousley

Readers, I hesitate even to lift the lid off this can of worms again, but the Samford Crimson has a long follow-up article on Rick Ousley’s affair and his resignation as the school’s football chaplain.  Reporter Christopher Smith quotes Donna Jones extensively, and he also says that a number of other women have come forward since the story first broke in the Birmingham News on March 23.

Since the news broke, several women have expressed similar stories. Jones said two women called her house and told her about their own sexual relationships with Ousley. They told Jones that she was brave for speaking up and that they had been called liars. She hopes their stories will be validated now that she has spoken up.

“Rick’s comment in his statement was ‘that woman.’ He didn’t name me, a reporter did. That kind of left it open when he said ‘that woman,’ because it was ‘which woman.’ There were so many. He stuck his Reebok tennis shoes that everybody teases that he preached in right in his mouth when he said that.”

It looks like some of the commenters on my previous post did contact Birmingham News reporter Greg Garrison to tell him their stories.

Jones said “Birmingham News” reporter Greg Garrison told her several women called and accused Ousley of inappropriately touching their daughters while he pastored The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Ala. Two women have posted detailed descriptions of encounters they had with Ousley on the Internet. None of the stories could be confirmed.

“None of the stories could be confirmed.”  Does that mean they aren’t true, or does it mean that it’s very hard to prove “he said, she said” stories about private encounters?

Please go read the whole thing — and be aware that you can leave comments at the newspaper’s site.  Also, if you want to contact Greg Garrison at the Birmingham News, click here.

Hat tip, Blues reader Mark.

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