Rep. Todd: Exciting Times in the Legislature

The legislative session is getting interesting.

This week the House failed to pass the Budget Isolation Resolution (BIR) that would allow the body to consider a Gourmet Beer Bill permitting a higher alcohol content in gourmet beers such as those manufactured by micro-breweries.  Of course, the religious lobby worked to defeat the measure by proclaiming that teenagers would get drunk faster and kill more people on the road if the bill were to pass.  I voted in favor of the BIR and support the legislation because I believe adults have the right to drink whatever beer they choose to drink.  If we can legally purchase pure grain alcohol, why should beer makers be compelled to limit their alcohol content?

My own legislation – the Alabama Minimum Wage Bill that I have authored and am sponsoring – will be considered in the Commerce Committee at 9:30 on Wednesday.  I am holding a press conference and rally on Tuesday, April 10th, at 11 am on the steps of the State House.  I invite you to come and encourage everyone to try and make it.  Show your support for working folks in our state!  I don’t know if we have the votes to get the bill out of committee, but I am committed to continue pushing this bill through the process.  This bill is good public policy.

Next week we begin a 3 day full Session week, a bit different than our usual Session Day–Committee Day–Session Day schedule.  In addition, Republican Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani will be addressing a joint session of the Legislature at 1:30 on Tuesday.  Come join in the fun!  This Tuesday’s going to see lots of activity!

I am really enjoying my time in Montgomery.  It is amazing the number of lobbyists that line the hallways, always wanting a second of your time to talk about a bill.  And while just the word lobbyist can sometimes evoke a vision of big money and special interests, I think it’s important to remember those who tirelessly lobby on behalf of those with little or no money and those who are without a voice and marginalized within our communities.  To this end I am impressed with the efforts of Alabama Arise and other social justice groups that continue on despite significant challenges in the hope of truly effecting change and bringing hope to so many.

4 Responses to “Rep. Todd: Exciting Times in the Legislature”

  1. Don says:

    Representative Todd, I wonder if you would agree with me when I say that potentially the strongest lobby in the state is the AVL , the ALABAMA VOTERS LOBBY. I say that because voters have the one thing legislators need most and money can’t buy — their votes. If voters would contact the two members of the legislature that represent them and tell them what they want the members to do in return for their support rather than their opposition if they ever seek another elective office, we could see legislators perform more in accordance with the wishes of their constituents. Of course, “if” may be the biggest two-letter word in the English language.

  2. Thanks for all you do, Rep. Todd!

    When you see Mr. Giuliani, ask him about PAC-to-PAC transfers, and if he’s only following Mitt Romney’s lead by coming here.

  3. Joe says:

    “Of course, the religious lobby worked to defeat the measure by proclaiming that teenagers would get drunk faster and kill more people on the road if the bill were to pass.”

    Um… why are teenagers drinking beer anyway? Isn’t that against the law?

    Why not enforce the law and let adults make decisions about what kinds of beer THEY WANT to drink?

    Bah! I need a drink…

  4. Kathy says:

    Joe, I wondered the same thing. Anyway, I figure teens buying beer are going to go for the 12-pack of Miller Lite, not the six-pack of gourmet beer that might actually cost more.

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