Mixed Media

The Birmingham Weekly, my favorite local paper, has launched a new blog, Mixed Media.  Kyle Whitmire, the Weekly‘s excellent political writer, tells me they’re still tweaking the format, and I’m sure they would appreciate (constructive) feedback from more experienced bloggers.  And plenty of comments from their readers.

I enjoy reading the Weekly for its fine writers — Kyle, Courtney Haden, and others — and I really appreciate the analysis and perspective that come from having the time to dig into stories without the pressure of a daily (or hourly) deadline.  That said, news these days moves at the speed of broadband, and the blog can fulfill the need to cover breaking stories more quickly.

So welcome to the blogosphere, Mixed Media.  As your writers already know, there’s no shortage of blog fodder in Alabama.


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  1. Jamison says:

    My first complaint is where is my RSS feed? My second complaint is where is the blog front page? Of course, if I had the RSS feed, I wouldn’t need the blog front page. But something like their Weekly Picks section. BTW the way the ANDALUSIA joke in that section priceless! Only people from Alabama would get that. Other than that I agree with you, good writing and analysis. Their Current Specials should definitely have an RSS feed, even if they add it no where else. Now that I’ve seen it, I kind of would like it if they did something like that in my area.

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