A Nice Piece on Betty Ford

I’ve always liked her; this profile from the New York Times reminds me why.

2 Responses to “A Nice Piece on Betty Ford”

  1. Anna says:

    I like her too, Kathy. I was too young when they were in office to even remember that Ford was President, so what I’ve ever known of Mrs. Ford is the whole “rehab lady” persona she has.

    But all interviews I ever saw with her and especially in the book I read about her, I came to respect her strength and dedication to her marriage and essentially this country as well.

    I watched the casket and processional last night since I’m currently infirmed :) and was touched by the bravery she demonstrated. I can’t imagine how tired she must have been, considering her advanced age.

    She seems like a truly great lady.

  2. Tom Hilton says:

    I like to think Betty was largely responsible for every bit of common sense Gerald showed in recent years (e.g., supporting full marriage equality, as Pam Spaulding wrote about last week).

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