All We Are Saying…

…is give peace a chance.

DENVER, Nov. 28 — Peace is fighting back in Pagosa Springs.

Last week, a couple were threatened with fines of $25 a day by their homeowners’ association unless they removed a four-foot wreath shaped like a peace symbol from the front of their house.

The fines have been dropped, and the three-member board of the association has resigned, according to an e-mail message sent to residents on Monday.

And there are peace signs springing up everywhere, including this one:

Town Manager Mark Garcia said Pagosa Springs was building its own peace wreath, too. Mr. Garcia said it would be finished by late Tuesday and installed on a bell tower in the center of town.


4 Responses to “All We Are Saying…”

  1. Anna says:

    We’re going to be a police state if we don’t do something. People are N-U-T-S.

  2. Tricia says:

    Sounds like they are doing something. And, “Go them!” :-)

    I keep waiting for someone to notice the pentacle inside my door wreath. Alas, apparently even the assholes in my neighborhood have better things to do.

  3. Ka'Dield says:

    I’m thrilled that they decided to not be retarded anymore.

    Well, less retarded. I don’t have *that* much faith for humanity anymore :)

  4. Homeowners associations seem to attract bossy assholes to leadership positions. I know, I’ve been on the board myself.

    If I lived in the area of this particular little wanna-be tyrant, though…. y’know, a different variety of grass seed spread in the shape of a peace sign now might make a lovely lawn decoration come springtime.

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