Trick or Treat

Only one week to go till the midterm elections.  It’s hard to make predictions, but I think the Democrats will win back the House.  The Senate is a toss-up.  I’d love to see both, but I’ll take one, just to see some oversight of the Bush administration.

I’m not saying that every Democratic incumbent or challenger is better than every Republican incumbent or challenger (see William Jefferson).  But if we don’t get W and co. under control, our country may be irrevocably damaged.  If we have a Democratic House and an evenly divided Senate, maybe we can restore habeas corpus.  And I still can’t believe I have to hope for that.

Ah, well.  It’s a good night for escapism.  We haven’t had many trick-or-treaters so far, so it might be a good time to have a Buffy Halloween episode marathon.  If you aren’t a fan, you should be.

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  1. Bottom Line says:

    Now that is a scary prediction for Halloween. A democrat controlled house and senate. I can think of nothing scarier. Gives me shivers and goose bumps.
    I should have dressed up as a Democrat this year for Halloween. I can’t think of a better costume to go around to stranger’s homes and demand handouts for nothing in return but an empty promise of “trick or treat”.

  2. Kathy says:

    BL, if you’re going to go around asking for handouts, you should dress as an oil company executive or a defense contractor. You’ll get a lot more than you would if you dressed as an uninsured child or a poor person who can’t pay the heat bill.

  3. Bottom Line says:

    Good thinking, let’s fix it by taxing the oil companies and selling out to the cheapest military contractor we can find. Taxing the oil companies will really get those evil corporate suits. They won’t even think of passing the cost along to the consumer. Or better yet, lets control the free market with the full force of an inefficient beauracracy to really fix things. The mean old republicans got the blame when oil prices were around $3 a gallon, but didn’t get the credit when the prices dropped. Not to mention the fact that over half of the price for a gallon goes to the government. WHo is the real bad guy here? The oil company or the government? Then again what do I know…..I am just one of those uneducated members of the military that ended up in Iraq.

  4. Bottom Line says:

    Kathy, at least tell me you got a chuckle out of my first comment. I gotta pat myself on the back for that witty quip.

  5. Kathy says:

    Taxing the oil companies? How about taking back the tax breaks we’re giving them while they’re making record profits? Obviously, the government isn’t getting all that much, given former Exxon CEO Lee Raymond’s $400 million retirement package.

    And we’re not in Iraq because you’re uneducated; we’re in Iraq because George W wanted to prove that he has a bigger set than Poppy. If we’d finished the job in Afghanistan, maybe all the soldiers would be home with their families now.

  6. Bottom Line says:

    I think you missed my point about taxing the oil companies completely. Taxing companies does absolutely nothing, other than pass the buck along to the consumer. So in effect, by taxing the them you have taxed yourself. Here is the secret, no matter how much you tax the companies they just pass it on to the consumer. That is a fact. As for the big profits that is a direct result of the fundemental economics of capitalism, nothing else. 1) That is capitalism and isn’t it great. Don’t get mad at people for being good at it and choosing a profession that pays for it. Your argument wants to do away with motivation and we call that socialism. That didn’t work either. 2) The fact that they have huge profits is a matter of supply and demand. Pure and simple. 3.) 400 million is a drop in the bucket, the government is getting plenty, as evident by the wasteful spending in D.C. 4.) We are in Iraq and Afghanistan because Muslim extremists want to kill us.
    Finally, I have one last question, what was the botched joke Kerry was talking about. Didn’t they look at Kerry’s and Bush’s grades at Yale and Bush actually had a higher GPA? So should Kerry’s Joke have been “Do good at school or you will end up as a senator from Massachusettes.” I thank God every day Kerry wasn’t elected. Now that would have been a disaster. (Admit it, you did like my trick or treat joke)

  7. Del says:

    The situation with the oil companies & their profits is far more complicated than “pure and simple” supply & demand. We are not talking about Cheetoes. There is not a government-supported infrastructure in place to enable Cheeto production and distribution. If our supply of Cheetoes is cut off, the economy will not collapse, nor do we fight foreign wars to ensure that supply. A cartel of foreign corn-flour producers does not dictate the price of Cheetoes.

    For starters.

    As for the extremists who want to kill us, there is a hornets’ nest in my yard. Even if some of the hornets flew onto the porch one day and deliberately stung my child, I would not then stand under the nest and whack it repeatedly with a big stick, or invite the neighbors to throw any hornets’ nests they happened to have over the fence so that I could whack those too.

  8. Bottom Line says:

    Call me crazy, but if a hornet stung my kid, I would employ some serious chemical weapons on all hornets within range of my yard, including my neighbor’s yard (after I asked for permission to go there). I would also put on some protection before waged war against the little bastard insects that harmed my child. Good comparison Del. Democrats would choose to talk to the hornets nicely, offer no solutions, offer only criticism and keep themselves and their kids locked up in the house, praying the hornets don’t find a way in.

  9. Cosmic Glue says:

    Right on, Bottom Line.

  10. Del says:

    No, but I think the Democrats might put up a screen on the porch before dousing the yard with chemicals that they, and their neighbors, would then have to go on breathing for weeks. Democrats also watch those boring insect documentaries on PBS, so they know that a few hornets in the nest will always survive to breed a new generation of hornets who are impervious to insecticide. Next summer, when those hornets build a nest in the yard, you have even fewer options.

    Am I correct in interpreting your “serious chemical weapon” hornet solution as the equivalent of employing nuclear weapons on Afghanistan, Iraq, and any neighboring countries that might be harboring terrorists? Because what the military is doing over there right now seems a lot more like whacking the nest with a stick.

  11. Bottom Line says:

    Actually I would also employ hornet detection and listening devices that notified me when enemy hornets were preparing an attack on my child. But I am sure liberals would scream that I am violating the rights of hornets that don’t even live on my property and weren’t entitled to rights of my property to begin with.
    I would also be willing to wack at them with a stick if my child were in danger and I would be willing to get stung if it meant my home and child would be spared. Sometimes you have to wack a hornets nest to get rid of it. But you can do it with protection on and make sure it doesn’t come back. Building screens would be great for playing on the porch, but eventually they will eat through the screens and sting you. Sooner or later you have to get your stick out Del, or stay inside and watch your hornet documentaries and criticize the guy killing the hornets that stung his kid.

  12. Del says:

    I’m all for hornet detection devices. They would alert you to any rogue hornets who might be trying to eat through the screen, and you could then deal with them. But there aren’t many hornets who are going to eat through that screen. Most of them will stay in their nest, unless they are disturbed.

    Sometimes you have to wack a hornets nest to get rid of it. Maybe I am clinging too hard to this metaphor, but the point I am trying to make is that whacking a hornets’ nest doesn’t get rid of it. You can kill a few hornets with a stick, easily. But all you can do to the nest is knock it out of the tree and really piss off the hornets. If you’ve decided that the nest cannot be ignored and that the whole thing must be gotten rid of, you’re going to have to bring out something a lot more powerful than a stick. For the sake of the rest of the backyard, that’s not always a good choice.

  13. Bottom Line says:

    You’re right. Or we could waterboard hornets to have them tell us the secrets of hornets, we could use better sticks and keep some good sticks on hand when hornets aren’t present but still continue to refine hornet killing technology even when hornets aren’t actively attacking. But democrats would be against that as well.
    And you are also right you could keep on shrinking further and further back into your own property and avoid hornet attacks at least until your kids take your house inheritance (if they can afford it after death taxes). Then your kids will still have to deal with it. Sticks, stones, bricks, RAID, tactical nukes, whatever, sooner or later you will have to do something about the hornets that want to sting you. Or you could just let them sting you over and over and hopefully develop a tolerance to hornet stings.

  14. Del says:

    You seem convinced that Democrats are against any kind of terrorist defense strategy. That may be the stance of a few radical types, but I don’t think it represents the mainstream.

    As far as waterboarding and other forms of legalized torture, it is my understanding that it doesn’t produce reliable information, which is as good as reason as any to oppose it. As a matter of fact, I personally believe that the U.S. has probably always employed torture here and there, Geneva convention or no. But clandestine unofficial activities by a few overzealous CIA types is a far cry from the President signing off on torture in the Rose Garden. Makes us look bad, IMO. And if the waterboarding is legal, who knows what those overzealous types will think up to top it?

    There will always be a few hornets who want to sting you, and sometimes they will succeed. That’s just life in the big backyard. Naturally it would be foolish to wind up shrinking in the one hornet-free closet on the property, because you were afraid to kill a few. But also is it foolish to run all over the yard riling up every nest you can find with ineffective weapons that cannot possibly eradicate them all.

  15. Cosmic Glue says:

    Maybe I am clinging too hard to this metaphor, but the point I am trying to make is that whacking a hornets’ nest doesn’t get rid of it. You can kill a few hornets with a stick, easily. But all you can do to the nest is knock it out of the tree and really piss off the hornets.

    But what happens to the nest and the hornets afterwards?

    In my experience, the nest collapses and rots, and the hornets disappear to different and more inviting locales — with a high likelihood they’ll die in the process, especially if you destroy an established nest. Furthermore, since the nests exist primarily to protect the young, destroying them interrupts the process of producing more hornets.

    In short, sure, you can hide behind your screen. But all you do is facilitate an explosion in the hornet population, and, when you eventually have to deal with it, the methods used will have to be more destructive. In addition, the hornets will start multiplying and spreading to other peoples’ yards.

  16. Del says:

    So then, your plan for the Middle East would be to cripple the entire region, in order to forestall the inevitable explosion in the hornet population.

  17. Bottom Line says:

    When in Rome…

  18. Del says:

    And then, we get the oil, how…?

  19. Bottom Line says:

    As if the entire Middle East hasn’t been handicapped for the last 20 years anyway.

  20. Del says:

    Handicapped? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  21. Cosmic Glue says:

    So then, your plan for the Middle East would be to cripple the entire region, in order to forestall the inevitable explosion in the hornet population.

    “Cripple the entire region”, how?

    If you attack and fumigate the hornet’s nest, sure, people will have to stay indoors for a few minutes to avoid breathing the fumes.

    But you haven’t seen “crippled” until you have an entire block’s worth of people afraid to set foot outside because the hornet population has exploded and they will be stung.

    Which is better — short term inconvenience, or long term paralysis?

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