He Said, She Said

I missed the debates last night (forgot to set the VCR :)), but I did check in with the live-bloggers.  Jeff blogged all three debates and declared Riley, Strange, and King the winners of each.  Wade blogged the gubernatorial debate, and he also leaned toward Riley.

The Montgomery Advertiser says the gubernatorial debate was “heated” and “fractious”.  Both candidates slammed each other, Baxley accusing Riley of lying about taxes, and Riley telling Baxley she doesn’t understand the issues.  At least Lucy finally wore blue instead of her signature red.  The lieutenant governors’ debate was “contentious”.  The Attorney General candidates “fired…barbs” at each other.

Sounds like a fun night, but I wonder if anyone learned anything new.

ADDENDUM:  Check out Dan’s analysis at Between the Links

3 Responses to “He Said, She Said”

  1. Dre says:

    Probably not. There wasn’t much new to learn last night. It’s a shame too.

  2. Bottom Line says:

    Speaking of slamming people. Did you catch John Kerry’s comment that resulted in foot in mouth disease? Talk about stepping on one’s own crank. Tune into any of the conservative talk shows and they are all a flutter about it. I caught it on the Drudge report.

  3. Bottom Line says:

    Update – I just threw up after watching Kerry’s spin on his disgraceful statement to try to explain his distorted view of reality.

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