The People Who Run Denny’s Must Be Dumber Than Rocks

How many discrimination suits does it take before you figure out not to discriminate?¬† Maybe the Denny’s folks figured if they weren’t refusing to serve Hispanics or requiring prepayment from black customers, they wouldn’t get in trouble for firing a manager who had to have her leg amputated¬†because they considered her a safety risk.¬† I cannot muster the words to describe the utter stupidity.

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  1. Del says:

    The article didn’t say, or I missed it, if they offered her another job, such as cashier. I suppose I’m speaking rock-ly if I say that Denny’s position might have some merit. I haven’t had to eat at a Denny’s in years, thank God—probably the only plus to losing my sweet daddy, who loved those Grand Slam breakfasts—but I do remember the managers, and everybody else, hustling all around the place like mad when it got busy and doing everybody else’s job when required, including bussing tables. Knowing nothing else about the woman, I would guess she was moving pretty slowly with the walker and might not be expected to go a whole lot faster with a prosthesis. I’m not sure what “accommodations” could allow her to go on managing a busy restaurant.

    Of course, Denny’s history of discrimination doesn’t help to put them in a good light in thise case.

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