Doing the Right Thing

WE WON!!!!!

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  1. Mary says:

    Maybe there is justice after all! Thank you for your quick reporting to those of us sitting at home by the computer!

  2. Melinda says:

    Finally!!!!! Thank goodness. I live in District 54 and am relieved to know my vote still counts.

  3. david says:

    Tell us MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!!

    Thanks for the live blog. This is great news!

  4. Bill says:

    I just spoke to Kathy by phone. Not a lot of specifics, but I know the vote was 95-87.

  5. So what was the vote on? Throwing out the subcommittee’s decision and letting the election stand?

  6. Bill says:


    Unless I am badly mistaken, Patricia was declared the winner.

  7. Don says:

    To voters in district 54 and a lot of Alabama Democrats, “WE WON” may be the biggest headline since “JAPAN SURRENDERS”.

    Great job, Kathy!!

  8. Bill says:

    I spoke to Kathy again. The vote was on the subcommittee’s recommendation to disqualify both candidates. The vote was 95 to 87 against the subcommittee’s proposal. Patricia is the winner.

    Kathy will be posting again as soon as she can.

  9. What a great lesson in democaracy! Let us not forget who was silent through this whole sad, sordid affair.

    Thanks for the updates Kathy, and thanks for the clarifications, Bill.

    More emails to Dean saying thanks for nothing?

  10. Blue Gal says:

    I’ve got another modest proposal over at my place, including making Joe Reed turn tranny. Just saying.

  11. How about just bad drag, complete with really bad makeup and a blonde wig? At the Presidential convention? Introducing Patricia Todd as the lesbian speaker in prime time?

  12. Bill says:


    Kathy will address this in her next post, but apparently Dean was very engaged and was checking on the situation throughout the morning. If I;m not mistaken, Jim Spearman told Kathy that Dean had called him a number of times today.

  13. Bill says:

    Blue Gal and misswildthing,

    I will pay cash money to see that!

  14. We won, but the Alabama Democratic Party has still lost. The closeness of the vote inidicates that the party remains about power brokering rather than doing what is best for the people of Alabama – all of them.

  15. Mary says:

    Bill, thanks so much for clarifying that; misswildthing, when I read your post, I thought, WRDK, “We Really Don’t Know” what may have been going on in the background that we’ll hear about later. So we’ll probably have a lot of questions answered (I hope!!) when we hear Kathy’s report. I, for one, can hardly wait!

  16. Bill says:


    I have to agree. As glad as I was that justice was done, I asked Kathy how could that high a percentage of party leaders simply vote to invalidate the results of an election.

  17. ZTaurus says:

    This is so exciting.
    Proves what people power can do.
    On to November.

  18. Glad to be getting some answers, thanks folks.

  19. BREAKING: Patricia Todd to Represent HD 54…

    Kathy of Birmingham Blues was in attendance at the State Democratic Executive Committee meeting today and has just reported that the SDEC has voted 95-87 to disregard the sub-committee’s decision to disqualify both candidates… Barring any extraordin…

  20. Timbo says:

    geez, even that vote was disturbingly close, 95 to 87 and it should not have been. alabama, and i once lived there for 700 years, is a state infested with hicks, homophobes, illiterates, and of course plenty of religious fundamentalist fruit cakes ……….the stae is a farce

  21. Helen says:

    I am very relieved. Lisa is right about the Democratic Party; but it’s also an opportunity for District 54 to model participatory government in ways we don’t see very often. I know that Patricia will win over many who may be skeptical.

    It’s also time to deal with what we haven’t ‘gotten over’ yet and work on healing,–maybe gathering different folks in smallish groups to listen to each other or to work on projects or issues of common interest. I think her opponent was badly advised and am glad she has declined a court battle and hope she will focus on why she didn’t get the votes to win.

  22. mitylene says:

    Yes… sometimes the system works! There is much about this case that took place “behind the scenes” by many people to eventually craft a positive outcome for Ms. Todd. The subcommittee was placed in a difficult position with some party leaders expecting an automatic decision in favor of one candidate. It was clear that it was not likely that Ms. Todd was going to prevail at the subcommittee level. I should point out, that in a significant oversight by Ms. Hendricks’ attorney, Mr. Johnson failed to included in his contest statement to the subcommittee a request to have Ms. Hendricks named the Democratic nominee for House District 54 in the event Ms. Todd was disqualified. It became apparent as the Thursday hearing progressed, that if Ms. Todd was at fault for not filing her financial disclosure directly with the party chairman, then
    Ms. Hendricks was equally guilty of the same infraction even though she was not being challenged. It would be ludicrous to overturn one candidate and replace her with a candidate who had committed the same infraction! The decision (unanimous and across racial lines) to disqualify both candidates was a Solomaic one intended to put each candidate back one square without unduly handicapping one or the other. The alternative likely decision by a divided subcommittee would have been to strip Ms. Todd of the nomination and award it to Ms. Hendricks.

    Well, no good deed goes unpunished. The subcommittee has been characterized as homophobic and/or racist, made up of “party bosses,” out-of-touch, backward-thinking, idiotic, and worse. This was a subcommittee made up of five progressive individuals who took their charge very seriously. In its attempt to “think outside the box,” the subcommittee seemed to please few and “surprised” at least one party leader. One blogger, Danny, in his posting of August 25 perceptively pointed out the “silver lining” in the subcommittee’s decision and unanimous vote.

    You have to admit, while some in the party were not too keen on the attention this case generated, it did propel Ms. Todd and her landmark victory in Alabama to national awareness. While some may decry the closeness of the 95 to 87 vote in the full executive committee, it is nonetheless, a win and a shift in that organization’s balance of power. Hopefully, that will be a trend which will continue in the future.

  23. Bill says:


    I found the whole process to be distasteful, but you raise good points. Thanks for the thoughtful analysis.

  24. HeartlandLiberal says:

    How unfortunate that over 45% of those voting were willing to vote against simply justice and fairness. The real tragedy here is that the Democratic party in Alabama was willing to engage in very public self-destructive behavior that reflected poorly on the party at a time it should have been doing everything in its power to support the candidate fairly chosen in the primary…. Oh, sorry, I started drifting, I thought I was in Conn. for a moment, not visiting my home state as an expatriate living in the Heartland who has to sigh in sadness about just about everything he reads about his home state of many decades ago.

  25. Nice to see the intelligent folks are slowly getting the upper hand in the Deep South.

    Another 2-3 decades and the voters there might get some real REFORM.

    Bet the good ole boys are crying in their beer and fomenting new, evil revenge.

    Beware kids – have someone mind your cars at all times – those old-schoolers play super-rough and have NO compunctions.

  26. yellowdawg says:

    Mitylene’s analysis was inciteful, but don’t let the fact escape us that in the 95-87 full SDEC vote, three of these “inciteful,” “Solomonic” subcommittee memberss voted to uphold the challenge and cheat the voters of District 54 out of our right to choose our nominees for ourselves. Ultimately, retiring incumbent George Perdue would have been re-nominated. Surely, the Hendrix’s are glad this is over and they can exit the stage where in reality they were but bit players in Joe Reed’s failed production.

    Pat the leadership of the party on the back if you wish for their slick politics, but in the end I still find them lacking the requisite qualities of courage and fairness which are inheirent in true leadership.

  27. [...] Kathy of Birmingham Blues was in attendance at the State Democratic Executive Committee meeting today and has just reported that the SDEC has voted 95-87 to disregard the sub-committee’s decision to disqualify both candidates. The original run-off election results will stand. The SDEC has declared that Patricia Todd will represent HD 54 as the Democratic nominee for the seat. There is no Republican opposition for the seat. [...]

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