Roy Protests Pentagon Prayer Policy

There’s just one problem — the Pentagon policy doesn’t say what he says it says. Does that make sense? If not, it’s business as usual for Roy.

Roy Moore joined the cause of a Navy chaplain today by protesting a Pentagon policy they believe prohibits clergy in the military from using sectarian prayer in military events outside of a chapel.

“We’ve got to recognize that the law does not forbid our chaplains in the military, in the Air Force, in the Navy, from praying in the name of Jesus. Indeed it contradicts our entire history and our law and it should be stopped and this president is responsible if it is not,” Moore said in a press conference on Pennsylvania Avenue outside the White House….

…A Navy spokesman said chaplains who volunteer to give a prayer at a non-religious service, such as a promotion ceremony, should give one that is non-sectarian because of the diversity of religious beliefs in the audience.

“There is nothing in this policy that strictly forbids praying to Jesus. It’s just not in there. It is fair to say that we ask they be inclusive,” said Lt. William Marks.

If Roy does manage to defy the current polls and win the Governor’s race, we can expect more of the same. Roy believes freedom of religion means his freedom to shove his religion down our throats.

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  1. Danny says:

    I have thought that Judge Moore would be a natural at arguing against the proposed federal law that would make it illegal to assist illegal immigrants. There’s a blog post here about it in case you are interested but the main point is

    And so I wonder, what would Roy Moore say about a proposed law that would arguably forbid him to acknowledge God’s commandment to love his neighbor – a commandment that is above even the Ten Commandments.

  2. Kathy says:

    I think Roy fell asleep before he got to that chapter. :)

  3. Wheeler says:

    Roy’s problem is that he has defined himself as a martyr. If no-one is picking on him, then what is he? He doesn’t know, so he has to imagine that people are picking on him.

  4. John says:

    It’s not just Roy. It is the religious and conservative right. They respond best against those who persecute them. When they can’t find them, they will create them. “They are destroying our way of life.” “We must protect our chlidren from them.” And so on…

  5. Bill says:


    While you are correct, Roy is clearly one of their star students when it comes to inventing persecution. I’m surprised we haven’t gotten to the “attack on Easter” yet.

  6. Del says:

    “Attack on Easter”! That’s great! Man the battle stations!

    I can’t decide between a yard sign that says “Happy Bunny Day” or the more arcane “Let’s put the East back in Easter.”

  7. Jamison says:

    It’s because they’ve widened it to be a “War on Christianity”. This persecution complex really needs to be analyzed by professionals and we need to figure a way to reach the least crazy of these people so we can save them from this insanity. Moore is just the symptom.

  8. Blue Gal says:

    if Roy Moore is elected, I’m leading the brain drain outta here. I’m serious.

  9. Kathy says:

    We may be right behind you, BG.

  10. Del says:

    I’m not worried any more about him being elected . His numbers seem to get lower every time they poll. The cow business shows that he has gone over the brink into pathetic insanity. This cartoon tells the story–but it’s only funny if you’ve heard of the Drywall Jesus appearance in our area.

  11. Kathy says:

    Del, that’s a hoot!

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