Brave Ohio Democrat Proposes Ban on Republican Adoption

This is a great use of humor to make a point.

State Sen. Robert Hagan sent out e-mails to fellow lawmakers late Wednesday night, stating that he intends to “introduce legislation in the near future that would ban households with one or more Republican voters from adopting children or acting as foster parents.”

…Hagan said his “tongue was planted firmly in cheek” when he drafted the proposed legislation. However, Hagan said that the point he is trying to make is nonetheless very serious.

Hagan said his legislation was written in response to a bill introduced in the Ohio House this month by state Rep. Ron Hood, R-Ashville, that is aimed at prohibiting gay adoption.

“We need to see what we are doing,” said Hagan, who called Hood’s proposed bill blatantly discriminatory and extremely divisive. Hagan called Hood and the eight other conservative House Republicans who backed the anti-gay adoption bill “homophobic.”

…To further lampoon Hood’s bill, Hagan wrote in his mock proposal that “credible research” shows that adopted children raised in Republican households are more at risk for developing “emotional problems, social stigmas, inflated egos, and alarming lack of tolerance for others they deem different than themselves and an air of overconfidence to mask their insecurities.”

However, Hagan admitted that he has no scientific evidence to support the above claims.

Just as “Hood had no scientific evidence” to back his assertion that having gay parents was detrimental to children, Hagan said.

I like the way this man thinks.

“It flies in the face of reason when we need to reform our education system, address health care and environmental issues that we put energy and wasted time (into) legislation (Hood’s) like this.”


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  1. Songbird says:

    That guy is great! I drove to Boston today and got to hear a discussion on one of their public radio stations about gay adoption. I think the show was called “On Point.” I wonder if you can find it online? It was a very interesting discussion.

  2. Kathy says:

    Thanks, Songbird. I’ll look for it. I heard something similar on Jerry Springer’s Air America show this morning (I know, I know — but his radio show is nothing like his TV show). He made the point that gay adoptive parents go through so much difficulty and heartache to become parents that they are likely, as a whole, to be more committed to their children than straight parents who just happen to find themselves pregnant.

  3. Songbird says:

    There was a Florida attorney on making the argument against gay adoption, claiming he has clients who have been waiting three years to adopt. I wonder if he is really afraid of having children placed with gay couples, or with having desirable white infants placed with gay couples? I somehow doubt he is actually worried about children of color or children with disabilities.

  4. Kathy says:

    In Alabama, we actually have a website that shows children looking for adoptive families, with pictures and everything. It reminds me of the Humane Society; the state uses the site to show the most “adoptable” ones. Some of the kids are nearing the point where they age out of the system, but they still want a family to call their own. I doubt they are all that concerned about the sexual orientation of potential parents; they want love, acceptance, and security — gifts that every child should have. If there aren’t enough heterosexual couples or singles to provide homes for these children, why on earth would we want to turn away loving potential parents who happen to be gay? Makes no sense to me.

  5. Bill says:

    This guy was on Olbermann last night. He was great! He made no bones about the fact that what he was doing was absurd. He was doing it to make it obvious the other side was absurd. He even complimented the Republican Speaker of the Ohio House (who is also opposed to the measure) for taking it in the spirit it was intended. I wish I could vote for this guy……

  6. Charlie says:

    I have seen this on another blog. I cannot believe this is serious. From what I am reading here, is this tongue in cheek?

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