Bill O’Reilly Wants To Restore Phil Donahue’s Honor and Dignity…

…or at least that’s what his petition says. He’s “increasingly concerned about the well-being of MSNBC”. What he really wants is for MSNBC to fire Keith Olbermann. Bill definitely needs some cheese to go with that whine.

UPDATE: Crooks and Liars has the video from Countdown last night. Keith did a big spoof of the petition, and it was a hoot! He mentions that his ratings are going up while O’Reilly’s are falling. Maybe that’s why Bill’s squealing so loudly.

7 Responses to “Bill O’Reilly Wants To Restore Phil Donahue’s Honor and Dignity…”

  1. anna says:

    I HATE Bill O’Reilly! What a total psycopath.

  2. Blue Gal says:

    Hmm. Honor and dignity. I wonder if Rupert Murdoch will let B.O.R.E.eily have any of that, and if he can get a side order of felafel at the same time.

  3. Songbird says:

    I think he should leave my TV Boyfriend alone. Are Keith’s rating really that poor?

  4. Songbird says:

    By which I meant “ratings,” of course.

  5. Bill says:


    Olbermann’s ratings are up more than 20% for the year while O’Reilly’s are down. Color me cynical, but me thinks there is more to this than the famous O’Reilly generosity of spirit…….

  6. Songbird says:

    Well, that is a relief, Bill! Countdown is just about the only news show I can bear to watch, which has more to say about the news shows than about me, I think.

  7. Pam's House Blend says:

    O‚ÄôReilly’s generosity just warms your heart, doesn’t it? Do his dumb@ss fans see the ploy? Oh, never mind. That would require brain activity.

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