Moore Lets the Little Woman Do His Dirty Work

Roy Moore’s wife, Kayla, has sent out an email asking supporters for contributions to help Roy become a “national spokesperson for Christian conservatism”.

Kayla Moore wrote in an e-mail that Christmas was an appropriate time to begin their campaign “to return morality to our country and God to our public square.” Her husband is opposed by people who want to promote gay marriage and “remove Christ from Christmas,” she wrote. ..

…In the letter, Kayla Moore suggested the American Civil Liberties Union and Americans United for Separation of Church and State “will stop at nothing to keep Roy Moore out of the Governor’s office in Alabama!”

“In short, they want to continue to promote homosexual marriages, maintain abortion on demand and remove Christ from Christmas,” Kayla Moore wrote. “They FEAR nothing more than the emergence of a powerful national spokesperson for Christian conservatism.

“And make no mistake: If elected governor of Alabama, my husband will be that spokesman!” she wrote. “But again, he can’t get there alone which is why I am hoping you and thousands of other Christian conservatives will join with my husband in his campaign for governor.”

That’s just what the state of Alabama needs — a governor who knows nothing about running state government and who plans to spend his time as a “national spokesperson for Christian Conservatism”. As the email continues, the ick factor increases:

“I know I am asking a lot especially right in the middle of this Christmas season when your focus is on family, friends and loved ones,” the letter reads. “But, I can think of no better time than this Holy Season to begin our campaign to return morality to our country and God to our public square. We need a man like Roy Moore as governor of Alabama. With your help and God’s grace we can, and will prevail!”

Of course, Roy’s idea of morality includes defying federal court orders and executing homosexuals.

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  1. blogenfreude says:

    Do you think he’ll even READ today’s Pennsylvania decision? Can he read?

  2. Kathy says:

    I don’t know if he can read, but he’s really good at memorizing. Most of his speeches are a mishmash of quotes from the Founding Fathers and scripture — all twisted to suit his purpose, of course.

    As for the Pennsylvania decision, I’m expecting Pat Robertson to declare a fatwah on the judge any time now.

  3. Pam says:

    Oh, geez. Kate will lose it over this one.

  4. Bill says:

    Come on, Pam. Where else but Alabama could you have this much entertainment?

  5. BlueBlood says:

    Having been born and raised in rural Alabama (before hitching a ride to New England and getting myself one of those fancy educations.), Roy Moore is nothing more than another clown in the circus that is Alabama politics. George and Lurleen Wallace, Fob James, Jeremiah Denton, Charlie Graddick, Riley, Sessions and of course the old man from Holly Pond, Guy Hunt prey on the ignorance, poverty, xenophobia and innocence of some of the best people in the world for nothing more than their personal gain. IfI weren’t laughing, I would have to cry: They continue to use ‘faith’ and ‘values’ to hold down the citizens of Alabama and I only pray that one day someone will come along and truly expose them for the hypocrites that they are. Love your blog…

  6. Kathy says:

    Thanks, BlueBlood. And your analysis is right on target. I wish more of the people who are being oppressed would recognize what is happening to them and stop listening to the demagogues — but I’m not holding my breath.

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