Giving Thanks

I can’t begin to enumerate the blessings in my life, but I count among them my blogosphere friends. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and holiday weekend with friends and family, food, good conversation, and lots of love. Songbird at Set Free has shared her husband’s words for the day, and I’d like to repeat them here:

Blessed are the fires of the sun which give their
light and warmth freely to the Earth.
Blessed is the Earth which upholds sea and soil, the
wellsprings of abundance.
Blessed are the falling rains which quench the thirsty
fields and renew the sea.
Blessed are the farmers and the fishermen who toil so
that we here might share the bounty of our world.
Blessed are we to receive these gifts born of sun,
soil, water and labor.
We honor them by striving to be as they are:
To be as the sun, bringing light to the darkness and
heat to the shivering.
To be as the rains, quenching that which is parched
and barren.
To be as the soil, nurturing of life.
To be as the farmers and the fishermen, working to
share the wealth of the Earth with all who dwell here.

May we all be so.

5 Responses to “Giving Thanks”

  1. blogenfreude says:

    It’s a wonderful sentiment, but a tall order, especially for someone who has not yet done their dishes from last night.

  2. Kathy says:

    I thought you were ordering in. What happened to the paper plates?

  3. blogenfreude says:

    I caved – did an oven stuffer roaster (smallest decent thing I could find) with my bread & hot italian sausage stuffing, a caesar salad, and scratch cranberry sauce.

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