And May I Also Say…

how ’bout them Dores? It is a big ol’ honkin’ deal for Vandy to beat Tennessee at all, much less in Knoxville. I have told people for years that I attended two universities without football teams, one being Vanderbilt. No more! Way to go, guys — you make us proud.

FYI, the other one was Emory, which still doesn’t have a football team. My Auburn ties come through my father and my brother — and my love for the underdog. The Tigers seriously sucked when I was young.

And Blogenfreude, we just don’t have enough ice around here for hockey.

3 Responses to “And May I Also Say…”

  1. Bill says:

    Blogenfreude is right. College hockey is way cool. At least my alma mater’s hockey team is ranked Number One. Since we will never, ever beat Ohio State again in my lifetime in football I have to take heart in that.

    Oh well, at least I have a hot wife.

  2. wanda says:

    Vandy beat Tenn? Well darn that’s one that slipped by me. I guess I was too busy celebrating AU’s win over the Tide and GT spanking Miami! If your happy , then I’m happy too!

    In high school I spent two summers at AU for cheerleading camp. I have been a fan ever since. Love them Tigers!

  3. blogenfreude says:

    I have an icemaker and a used Zamboni that I’ll make you a great deal on …

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