“Farfetched” Account of Torture?

You know, before those Abu Ghraib pictures, I might have tended to doubt a detainee’s story that he had been tortured by being thrust inside a cage of lions. Donald Rumsfeld says the account “seems quite farfetched”, surely one of the more straightforward pronouncements he has made in recent years.

“They took me behind the cage, they were screaming at me, scaring me and beating me a lot,” Thahe Mohammed Sabbar said. “One of the soldiers would open the door, and two soldiers would push me in. The lions came running toward me and they pulled me out and shut the door. I completely lost consciousness.”

This guy’s story may or may not be true. If it is true, it’s horrifying, and I’d like to think the perpetrators would be severely punished. (I know, I know — dream on!) What’s sad is that this administration and its minions have told so many lies that I no longer believe anything they say without objective proof. We have gone from world leader to world pariah in four short years. Can we survive three more?

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  1. blogenfreude says:

    This is apparently the Christians getting revenge for that season long ago in ancient Rome when the Lions went 467-0.

    Seriously, what scumbags. How could you even rely on anything anyone sent after such an encounter?

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