Okay, I Said It, But I Didn’t Mean It

One of Pat Robertson’s flunkies must have pointed out that his call yesterday for the assassination of Hugo Chavez was caught on tape. Pat spent the morning denying what he said, even though it had been replayed on every news station in the country, and maybe the world. You’d think the head of a broadcasting network and TV show host would be aware of that, but Pat was apparently hoping that God would destroy the evidence and wipe our collective memory. I expect God was too busy feeling disgusted to bother, and Pat’s been forced to apologize for his inflammatory remarks. But not to worry; he says he wasn’t serious. He was just speaking out of exasperation.

Believe me, Pat, that when I say I wish you’d stop calling yourself a Christian, I too am speaking out of exasperation. And I’m also dead serious.

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  1. Songbird says:

    Well said. And Amen.

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